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I don’t really know if homosexual couples adopting children is a good idea (because children need father and mother, not 2 mothers or 2 fathers) but his partner’s death is very unfortunate.

LGBTs must not be harassed or mistreated. But brainwashing 5-year-olds and 2-year-olds video is not acceptable.

Andrew Tate will live for the next 5000 years!

Voices: Why Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University appeals to men like me

Andrew Tate’s Muslim fanbase is growing. Some say he’s exploiting Islam for internet popularity | CNN

Telling someone to smile more is kind of sexist. Other panels I agree.

Fat people shouldn’t be bullied for being overweight. But claiming victimhood and saying “obese” is the new N-word?

1.5 hrs. Jed sits down with Jonathan Hogwood of @ModernLifeDating to discuss dating, marriage, feminism, promiscuity, health, The Matrix, and why he left the United States for Japan. They close with reaction to viral social media content. 0:00 - Start 7:05 - Background on MLD & why he left the US 32:56 - The body count and virgin debate 1:06:07Jed & MLD react to viral social media content on female behavior, boss babes, and obesity

Andrew Tate: You Can Accomplish It Within Months
![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/fb9bc864-e97a-472b-a0bf-a37b9acc4221.png) Most people overestimate the time it takes to accomplish things. You can accomplish what most people take years to do within months. It's something you need to FEEL to believe. https://twitter.com/Cobratate/status/1601901643846815746

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Homophobic Andrew Tate retweets Taliban ministry’s tweet /s
![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/54efa58b-b478-4960-997b-32b8d1c3a5ba.png) https://twitter.com/PublicAfghan/status/1603046860368781315

Presenting the Role Model and Motivational Speaker for Young Men: Andrew Tate
![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/2d65e97e-3e9a-4209-bc44-a85f436cac00.png) I made 1.1 million dollars today and spent 135,000 on clothes. I have 8million dollars of cars being built. Most excited about the Koenigsegg Jesko Attack. Theres literally nothing to buy with my enormous wealth and im bored so im going to call you all broke for fun. https://twitter.com/Cobratate/status/1604183558062411776

Andrew Tate calls you a loser
![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/bb825687-59ec-4591-9b92-ef55a2632fa7.png) Your life path was unique. But you are not unique. You have ignored the unique and beautiful lessons god has given you via trauma. You refused to analyse, absorb and WORK post lessons. So despite your unique life experience, you’re still very average. You’re a loser. https://twitter.com/Cobratate/status/1604420596749713415

Andrew Tate is so humble 😂

Would you stay if there were funny comments under the posts?

14 mins. >Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

Those who read the posts but not comment, why?
Why are those of you lurking here not commenting or engaging with the content? Please be honest.

Replace Christianity with Hinduism in the above tweet and it applies to India
>Insult Islam you will fear for your life >Insult Judaism you will fear for your job >Insult Christianity and you will have nothing to fear

Why not? It’s quite possible. Admin should wait a few months before pulling the plug.

The site might see a revival after indiaspeaks gets banned.

(Brace yourselves. It’s a bit long but interesting and insightful read)

So, I have just entered the dating scene in Delhi. So, I have done what a typical good-earning guy would do. I have downloaded all the popular dating apps and have purchased subscriptions for them. I have been getting good matches throughout and have gone on some dates. Although I couldn’t find the chemistry in most of them, it gave me good pointers on how the dating scene looks like in India and specifically Delhi. But I digress. This real-life story is about an interesting date that I got to experience.

So, I matched with a girl on Happn (I am not going to go into details as to what it is and how it works. Better google it.) So, after just a few lines of conversation, she asked me to meet IRL. (1st red flag). Dude, what girl asks a guy to meet just after 10 lines of convo? Especially not a particularly good convo. Just hi, hello and what do you do kind of convo?

I knew there was something fishy about it. But I anyways scheduled a meeting with her. So, as an added precaution, I asked my roommate to accompany me as a shadow spy kind of thing. He won’t be seen. His job was to just enter the cafe we’ll go to, and order something. He will stay and observe there for the entirety of our stay. Another bonus item we added was a big kitchen knife in his backpack, so if anything goes south. We can go all Chainsaw man on them. We don’t own a gun. This isn’t USA.

I reached the location at our scheduled time. After a regular hi hello, she asked to go to a specific cafe. (Cafe Mama at NSP, Delhi). It was empty. With just 3 girls on one corner, one guy server, and one counter-girl. After just 1 minute of sitting down, she started ordering all kinds of stuff. Although I and my roommate-friend had already decided that we will just buy coffee and not anything expensive. I even had an excuse ready that “I’m dieting”. But she took the initiative, ranted about how she’s a foodie, went to the counter with the menu, and ordered 2500rs worth of items. Mind you there were only 4 items. I was shocked that what kind of cafe serves 4 simple dishes at 2500. It wasn’t even that popular and big of a cafe. Just a small regular one.

Anyways, items started coming. Also, she was getting regular phone calls every 5 mins (Context will come later in the story). So, every time a call arrived, she goes out, talked for a minute then comes back. This happened 3-4 times. Also, I wasn’t getting the vibe from her so, I just started asking the usual questions regarding the school, parents, life, movies, etc., etc. A few things I noted from her response:

She (really) hates her parents. Constantly rants about how they are a curse to her life. (Maybe, maybe not who am I to judge? Except I paid freaking 2500 for a shitty meal and date. It should’ve been worth it if the food was good. Who cares about a bad date? There are lots of fish in the sea.)

She doesn’t believe in anyone.

Has big dreams to become like Ambani but has no clue how is she going to achieve them. Not even a general idea.

Likes KGF more than any Marvel movie.

Probably doesn’t have friends.

Now in between these conversations, my friend enters the cafe as planned. He sat down and ordered a coffee. Now comes the most interesting part. The moment he entered the cafe, everybody present there started staring at him, as if death has just walked through their door. She got another call. She left for the call. I DMed my friend sitting there on how everything is going. She comes back. Directly asks me a question, “Is that your friend?” Mind you, he came to NSP much later. There’s no way they could’ve known if he was my friend or not. But asking it this direct after just receiving a phone call. I responded with calmness “Nope”. She asked, “Are you lying?”. I responded, “Never met the guy.” She seemed convinced but not the other people sitting there. They now started keeping close tabs on my friend sitting there. After like 15-20 minutes we left the cafe. Shook hands and said Bye.

BUT, my friend stayed there for some more time so that they don’t get more suspicious. But, he was my ride home. So, After I walked for some 100m, I called him. He answered and started speaking to me in our usual code language. Guys at the cafe were eavesdropping as much as possible. After some time he left and then he saw the girl meeting with another man, shaking hands and rinse and repeat. My friend decided he should let me man know “Hum bhi pele gaye the, tum bhi pele jaaoge” (Dialogue is from Mirzapur). He followed her to some distance but when he turned back, saw those 3 girls actively following him. Now with all these fake harassment cases and a slight probability of that man being from their gang, he backed off. Speed walked to the parking and took off. Till the parking, one girl from that group was following him.

I and my friend then met at some distance and took off as fast as we could. We reached our home and then shared notes. Had a great laugh with a good story at our disposal to talk at our upcoming dates. Our conclusion is they have a group where they catfish guys across dating apps to go to a specific restaurant (Mostly low rated and new). The girl will order expensive food. You will pay for the restaurant’s profit. Everybody will probably go home.

Lesson learned: 1. (Jaldi) Bulati hai magar jaane ka nahi. 2. If you somehow go, pack some kind of weapon. 3. Always ask to share the bill (no exceptions). With all the feminism and women empowerment stuffs going around, ladies can pay half of the bill. Especially when they are the ones inviting you on a date. 4. Always trust your gut on red flags. “Taango ke beech se nahi, kaano ke beech se socho.” (Another Mirzapur Dialogue). 5. Delhi has the smartest of scammers across the globe.

So, that’s the story of how we met a food digger gang.

Are you seriously suggesting we throw 20 crores Muslims in jail?

He makes some good points but should not be a role model. He wants women to be virtuous while allowing their husbands/bfs to cheat.

Let american men fall, it’ll only give us more opportunities

I agree with you but not on this. If a person is inclined towards inceldom, he should take steps to rectify it. Earn money, do self development and get opportunities to travel. Victimhood and victim complex will only create problems for the individual and society.

Disclaimer: I’m not an incel.

Edit 2: Not saying you are one either.

I thought it was over dog poop. Don’t know what consent has to do with it.