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Solution kya hai
jeevan ke problems ka, society ke problems ka

Context -

PS- I have a week and nothing to do, gimee some ideas.

Stay strong all the best for the future bro

Not in shape. Rejected maybe indirectly. ्

I was talking blackpilled in terms of politics, but wrt opposite gender pretty much blackpilled. No experience that’s what I can say, haven’t even talked to them in years lol

Somewhere good, want to make a difference.

Yes, pretty much

I’ll try.

Haha, tried to karma whore once

matlab how would i be in real life, based on reddit karma

We need to ease up the legislations man

yess king <3

You never know.

How to get land any ideas

Then lobby for a ban, YouTube won’t do shit

Don’t waste time, nothing is going to happen.

Kya bhai YouTube me maza nhi aata honestly, chapri lagtq hai

Save your taxes
Your boy is gonna help you save taxes. Fire away questions, it might help me also gain knowledge.

Trump back on twitter lol
hamare idhar se koi suspend hua hai kya

Musk saab finally bought twitter
Chances of situations improvin?

Add a reddit thingy to this website
Add something so that I can access reddit through this website only, inevitably I'll be on this website more

India is never going to be a successful country.
Every successful country (or any organization for that matter) has one thing in common: A common band. This band resonates with everyone, people might move slightly up and down, but they are around the band itself. India doesn't have such concept. The tricolor and constitution are relatively new, and honestly when we have external forces trying to break that idea (You know the cult that cannot be named). See USA for example all was good when they worked under the whole "US of A patriotic band". But see their deterioration specially from the 90s and early 2000s, where some external forces systematically tried to destroy the idea. The current situation there is that every second kid hates their country for reasons unknown. That's how you destroy a country. The best way India can move forward is by the band of "Hinduism", the only thing that ties more than fifty percent of Indians together, and the first step would be to declare India a land for Hindus all around the world. But at the same time we must understand, flexibility is an integral part of this band. In my honest opinion, we are more than flexible, but we need to be accommodating according to world's standard. Is the world's standard ideal though? This questions still seems to be unanswered. An excerpt from my article in progress *Hindustan: The Land of Hindus* Do let me know any flaws in the writing style, or points raised in the excerpt.

TIL: Dave Chappelle is Muslim
I had always wondered where his religion jokes were at, today I understood.

Thread to abuse papita
::: spoiler spoiler ___ :::

Clown Moment
More -

Part 2 ![](

Just discovered something strange on YouTube
Open any video. E.g (you don't have to click this particular link -- using it to explain better) Remove the "h" in the word "watch" in the link so that it now spells "watc" Press enter. After doing this you get directed to a... strange video. I actually had to pause it because it was giving me bad vibes.