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why every player suddenly becomes a power-hitter, leading wicket-taker, etc as soon as he leaves kkr in ipl ?

for example - Surya Kumar Yadav, Kuldeep, Prasidh Krishna, Mavi*,shubman gill , Chris Gayle, etc you can name many more. what is the reason behind it? is kkr management to be blamed?..

how asheneer(from shark tank s1) manage to live such a lavish life if all of his startups were at a loss and they were all investors baby if this is true then how did he manage to accumulate such wealth he must own at least 1k crore plus to afford this lifestyle comfortably. …

he will if you want to enter into telecom which he already is in Gujrat he only needs infra at dirt cheap price

what is your take on Subramanian swamy calling ratan tata a pedophile?

so Swamy ji has recently accused ratan tata as a pedophile he even accused him as a pedo in 2016 as well, …

it is all going according to plan delay 4G as much as you can so BSNL’s 4G will be practically useless in the market so present it as a liability to the government (same happened as in the case of air India) and then sell it to Adani at dirt cheap price this is the same technique used in air India a…

Russia was fucking all in they even introduced their top secret weapons in the war as well while on the other hand America only gave them backup weapons that too self defensive only. hate it or love it that little fucker is way too resilient for Russia

unpopular opinion - Zelensky might be a pawn of the west but I have to admire his balls.

MF doesn’t have any experience in war or in administration but decided to fight against the world’s second-biggest military and even survived for so long. I won’t be surprised if he would be recorded as one of the biggest underdogs in history…

india should go in at this even we have to involve adani and others as well…

bhai his content is good nothing extra ordinary but you wont feel scammed with knowledge aur rahi baat uske hindus wale comments se then if you watch his video you will realise he over exaggerate things but dont really mean it

aint a bhakt per ye r/librandu walo ko lato se marna chahiye…

tbh Modi did too lessons from Russian war and making (trying) to make India atmanirbhar

either you are being sarcastic or dumb enough to not to get his context

we are not that prepared against china and this is on ground reality whether you like it or not. reality is not what indian media or Prashant Dhawan tells you

womens are not meant to be taken seriously

bro Indian womens are brainwashed as white women . they are fucking entitled because of beta parents and biased laws

I hate to break it to you bhakts but sher is also a WEF agent and he is working on behalf of the Illuminati. wake up your end is near spread the message…

reality of India China border clash and what our media is lying about it

According to the Pentagon report, “Sometime in 2020, the PRC built a large 100-home civilian village inside disputed territory between the PRC’s Tibet Autonomous Region and India’s Arunachal Pradesh state in the eastern sector of the LAC.” …

why niggers hate Messi and fanboys over Ronaldo

i checked twitter and saw the interesting phenomena that niggers love and defend Ronaldo at any cost and hate messi for no reason een putting dumb reasons for it anybody knows why…

he used to be a cricketer now he acts like an attention seeking whore feels bad for him though i hope he dont end up like ronaldo

bold of you to assume us monopoly is getting destroyed usa and jews are playing 4d chess in real life

read about wef agenda 2030 you own nothing and you will be happy