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Bhai propaganda kha hai

Instead of watching and trusting a documentary made by a country that ruined India I’ll prefer something true that happen with many girls

Movie is rated as adult so i think yeah it’s going to be inappropriate

My brother went to watch it he told that there’s a beheading scene and some sexual content too

So i think yeah

Atleast maarte to nhi hena

Popat bana Raha hai 😁

Yeah bro i funkin hate these people… thanks to him i had my realisation and now i am hindutvadi

May be it was the first time in 8th class when sanghi inside me woke up

Demn that’s dark but fact based.

Nahi h real …i go to temple or phir mere ghar m hi mandir h

Yeh befaltu ka drama h that we don’t go to temples

r/india is Toxic af* might ban it as well. It is of no f*cking use.

Been there few months back and it was Horrible. Whatever you say it maybe if you have pro opinion on Modi or BJP or Ayodhaya temple or Babri Masjid or even just a small disagreement with mass opinion & you’ll get downvoted badly for sure.

Could be a very good possibility.

FR. They smell those month long worn chaddis of mullas for breakfast.

Bro my sister and my wife went through such stuff and a lot of women who don’t reveal such things and tend to suppress it but even when they think about it, it makes them feel sad and depressing. Imagine being sexually forced by a guy who you don’t even like. Its disgusting and traumatizing! Even when they think about it, it makes them cry. Priyanka Gandhi might be even manipulating her or just you know trying to make her cry in front of camera to get Public Appraisal and stuffs but I don’t think the wrestlers are the one whom you should blaim.

Here’s where you get it wrong . Women don’t care about ‘their struggling man’ we have our own struggles as well. The OP sees women waiting at finish line. You see women cheerleading for 'struggling/running man In reality women are on that same fucking track running and struggling.

Zindagi ke saath bhi zindagi ke baad bhi.

I don’t why people consider him god. But I know one person who needs him the most is prithvi shaw.


Ah yes, it has nothing to do with the terror this maniac and his ilk have wreaked upon the people of UP. Here I’ll help you - the right wing is celebrating a police encounter because the faith in the police and justice system has evaporated to a great extent. The encounter is a shot in the arm for those who needed to see some real results. Yogi is sticking to his words - something that the common man hasn’t seen in independent India. Don’t worry - you’ll get enough chances to please your lord and master in the coming years.

Jo kamzor hai vo to gutne thek dega or…… jo hoga sabse pehle ye hi bage ge

Bruh they abandoned that old money already

70 YO chcha with .pdf file disability .

Well kaliya nag was a sage who was curse by kakbhishundi to become a snake

🗿 damn bro … GG

Am not talking specifically about her! Am speaking in General!

Its true! But we don’t need firang validation!

Pak permanent country nahi hai permanent vassal to dur ki bat hai

News were comparing total debt of India to big economies worldwide and it was pretty less

Bro spreading hate speech is also wrong, although I’m from BJP. And you’ll be targeting BJP right? But it’s not like that, like just a case think that someone had made some extreme speech on Hindu Women. So we can fight for ourselves, but not by spreading hate towards each other. And BJP has nothing to do with this. Like Nupur Sharma case, who made harsh comments on ALLAH.

Congress ruled states mei ADANI ke 1 lakh cr se jada ke projects chl rhe hai shyd

I think dronacharya never manipulated Arjun for some fame