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promoter has offloaded his entire holdings, may go bankrupt soon

But then won’t the exchange and its employees know that I contributed to bakchodi ? It’s wazirx. If they get hacked will the hackers be able to figure out who I donated to ? Do I have to disclose in ITR that I donated to you guys and mention your monero address ?

You can use a mixer service or anon coin, then contribute to the address mentioned by admin, to remain anonymous. You dont have to file ITR, because this is not registered as charitable institution and no 80C benefit out of it.

I have USDT should I exchange it for monero and send it from wazirx app itself or do something more complicated?

Yes monero is sufficient for anonymity (as i mentioned above), as coins cannot be traced back to you.

chaliye yeh ehsaas dilate rahenge

such content i equate to private(ly) printed dildo. made for certain user for exclusive usage, to get off on it

Alternative to reddit ? No more.

Lawmakers demand data about online threats against law enforcement. Lletters were received by the following platforms: …

जहाँ भी गाँधी होगा, हिन्दुस्थान में वहीँ गोडसे मिलेगा।

dekh liyo mera reply. content discussion ko maine touch nahi kiya. wo baadme

my thoughts.

  1. open registration
  2. merge all sub communities to 1. (until site gets over 50k users with over 2k online, allow sub communities later)
  3. dedicated mobile app later, not needed until site gets 20k users
  4. video upload support in site. liks can expire after few days to save space, if have funds later, can change the expiry days
  5. some clicks taking users out of site, needs to work as embed
  6. embedding of various tweets, and other platforms, need to work
  7. change the stupid site name. we are not restricted to reddit sub names anymore
  8. to avoid spam on site for open registration, require email address verification when combined with open registration. further people who do not want to submit email etc can use the site without permission to post, only comment without verified acct. (further email domain restrictions can be done later)
  9. if need to have separate communities, have at most only 2 to 4, example, serious/memes/shitpost.
  10. more embedding to support various platforms
  11. bot to auto fetch embed and post content, example tweet thread from twitter, or video repost etc
  12. content discussion such as your post, can come later, only after basic site problems are taken care of.



already 50 subs hai, mai points likhta hu

abe likha to hai. samajh anhi aaya kya? try registering for new account. it needs approval.

first open registration, then give points

2 mahine travel kar raha tha, isliye inactive tha. abhi back to base.

Respectfully disagree while pointing out how wrong they/he/she is. If they persist, respectfully let them know that you are going to do what you think is right, not what they feel is right. If they persist, repeat cycle until they stop nagging.

too late. they should’ve jumped on the time bandwagon

depends on who you follow and how many, so in a way each trending list is different for different user in different countries/regions, as well as different for users in same country/region. however if you follow enough number of people from different regions, you could get a fairly generic list similar to another user

Sasti wali

How to block wikipedia and others from your search results

Writing process for chrome here, i’m sure firefox and others have similar …

Important announcement

Since the activity on site have increased a bit, we have started receiving reports, and noticing some genuine ones …


Halal JCB


SJ, the OG bakchod

True Indology which wrote “If Sher Shah Suri was the one who really built Grand Trunk Road, why does Megasthanes mention an 1800 Km road connecting Hindukush to Bihar 1800 yrs before Sher Shah Suri? ” …


Here is a fascinating map of all the places of ancient India as mentioned in Mahabharata. This map is put on display in Purana Qila, which is the ancient Indraprastha of Mahabharata. …