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Gave me a genuine laugh! I expect Pak to either be a colony or be disintegrated by 2047.

Adoption is a separate issue. It can be debated and even rejected. India allows single-parent adoption and therefore such debate will affect them too.

Also, India regulates adoption already:-

  1. A single male cannot adopt a girl child in India (CARA).
  2. Alternatively, HINDU ADOPTIONS AND MAINTENANCE ACT, 1956 demands an age difference of 21 years if a Hindu male is adopting a girl child.

The proposal to establish such a unit was first put on the table during private talks between visiting Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and his host, Shehryar Khan Afridi, the then-minister of state for interior, on December 17, 2018. …

Same-sex marriage is fine. LGBT propaganda is not.

Also, we are not Abrahamics. We recognise the third gender and we have had our own sub-categories of the third gender. So, that’s not a threat. The only threat is the debauchery being celebrated in the name of the third gender and gender itself being nullified to facilitate all kind of ills. And the Indian society is conservative enough to not allow that… neither Hindus nor Abrahamics.

Vikram Sood does explain the involvement of CIA and FBI in Hollywood, News, and other media.

That’s the correct response.

From my PC because that’s what I use to visit here.

And then you drop out to be street-smart!

Are they trying to appropriate Dharmic thought and traditions while removing the roots they came from by grafting them on the trunk of Christian ‘Saints’ and Sufis?

(Ref: Pappu’s recent rant against Savarkar about writing ‘Your obedient servant’ in a letter to the British.)…

*from Christianity

But Gandhi blamed Hindu scriptures for it, misquoting them. Hindu idea of non-violence is different. ‘Ahimsā paramo dharmah’ comes from Mahābhārata, from a shloka spoken by Bhīśma in which Bhīśma is preaching vegetarianism and non-violence towards animals to Yudhisthira. Hindu scriptures never tell you to show the other cheek!

Find a village to live in! Everyone says hello and asks your well-being every time they meet on road.

Their crime? Trusting Muslims.

Another Leftist Hindu girl was hacked to pieces by her Muslim ‘lover’ for whom she had dumped all her relationships because ‘Aftab isn’t like them’ and told her father - ‘Do not consider me your daughter’.

लेकिन लड़कियों के बिना अगली पीढ़ी तो गयी न… कैसे भी करके नियंत्रण तो करना पड़ेगा !

Unfortunately, women are more important for the continuation of society! So, somehow, they will have to change if Hindus are to survive.

At least they aren’t killing Jews today! Moslems are killing Hindus today as well!

These Hindu girls are dumber than any other sorority.

3D-printed permanent defences constructed for first time by Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers

3D-printed permanent defences have been constructed for first time by Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers in desert sector. …

  • When something can’t be defended, accept it to be horrific.
  • Mention some other statistics that ‘seems’ more horrific (it need not be more horrific, but must seem so) but also boring…

As seen in Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple in Hampi…

Godhra Case: Trial court convicts Farukh Bhana and Imran Sheru for setting train on fire which killed Kar-sevaks

59 Hindu men, women and children were burned alive by Islamists in Godhra. …