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r u mutal fund agent ? i wil not buy ! go away ! y u giving mutual fand for free ?

hiindutva mutual fund ? it is scam ! not real !

26 mins. The Duran

duran is ronk speling ! der is no book called DURAN !

butter cum frm cow so resepekt our cows ! shame on u !

m not adult ! m child boy ! u excluded my freedom and destoryed my life ! ur not faking life ur fake person that is not my probeml if fakeniss is comign

it s nt gud 2 disrespkt grandafathers and fathers cooking ! dont teach daddy how 2 fukk ! shame on u!

fuck off. war happen for 365 days and knights !!

take cbd oil n currenasy and shut up !! it is good 4 country and ur werld !

Important announcement

i will hereby be known as maharaj penut…

casteism doesnt exist bro we are #1 vro

I present to you my sister’s bestfriend: Brahmin, just turned 22, Feminist AF(Literally has a sticker saying this on her work laptop), Bengali, from Kolkata which is known to be a super progressive, proudly claims she wrote an award-winning essay on fascism in college. Let’s call her Devi (fake name…

learn self defense if u dont want ur ass kicked…