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and yea HOI4 is a good game lol. Gonna start playing again soon

Yea a Fascist revolution, or any revolution will lead to anarchy for a small time, devastating the country. But societal and political reformation without a violent revolution is very much possible. Though we would be risking a corrupt dictatorship into power, like what happened in many states where Military Coups happened.

Are there any Fascists here?
Not BJPtards or Theocrats or Alt-Right Nationalists. The Classical Fascists who think India needs an Auth corporatist state based on Class and not Caste or religion. Haven't met many Indian Fascists lately.

Jesus is actually an established historical figure, like Muhammad or Indian philosophers like Buddha and Mahavir Jain. And Jesus is an early prophet of Islam

Sikhs weren’t very different to the mainstream Indian culture. 2 castes within what was considered Hinduism, would probably differ in culture more than Sikhism and Hinduism.

The Brits saw that Sikhs were different to Hindus in physical aspect, and decided to do their divide n rule. Most sepoys were recruited from Punjab within the Sikh community.

They did the same divide n rule with the Buddhists when they suddenly “Discovered” Buddhism, while early texts of Buddhism were very similar to Hinduism.

how to see this though?

bhaiya ji jo 72 virgin ka promise hota hai vo 72 mard virgin hote hn female nahin

I calculated the probability of ST kid passing JEE Mains without studying (full tukkabaazi) and its huge almost 25%
So cutoff of STs is 44 48... lets say 50 on a good day. Comapred to 105 for GEN. JEE Main has 75 questions with +4 for correct -1 for incorrect. Almost all are MCQ type. For ST kid to pass, he has to tick atleast 25 out of the 75 questions. cuz 25x4 + 50x(-1) = 50 Applying some basic mathematics, kid has to tick 25+ questions. The rest 50- questions would each have 3 ways to be incorrect. Total ways to score 50+ would be 75C25x(3^50^) + 75C26x(3^49^)+...+75C75 All ways to tick all 75 questions would be 4x4x4...x4 75 times, or 4^75^ So probability would be **(Σ(n=25-->75)[75Cnx{3^(50-n)^}])/(4^75^) = 0.0657** Since one kid can give JEE 4 times, his cumulative probability would be 0.0657 + (1-0.0657)x(0.0657) + (1-0.0657)^2^ x (0.0657) + (1-0.0657)^3^ x (0.0657) that is 0.24 or 24% if someone wants to compare this probability for GEN students, just change the initial value of n to 36 (as 36x4 + (75-36)x(-1) = 105, i.e. cutoff for GEN) and it would be 0.0000564 or 0.00564%. STs have almost 1200 times unfair chance to pass than GEN

fake h ye sab. defamation case laga rha hun main

Ara mere ghar se 1 ghanta door hai. Pel aaun kya? Huehuehue

vo yahan koodne ke soch raha aur tu college pooch Raha 🙂👍

Bhai rulayega kya?

Raita speaks otw to say Tanatan dharma had interspecies marriages

agle saal se abvp, Bajrang Dal join karunga prolly.

mere yahan bhi baarish ho gyi bhadia


Aankh mein dallo.

Congress wanted to suppress this event too. If the second video had not leaked, this murder would be converted to a personal rivalry and killing or loot/robbery. But within 1-2 hours, both of the videos circulated like forest fire.

bhai kon maanus hain ye? kripaya bataen

<span style=“color:lightgreen;font-weight:700;font-size:14px”>

Ab bol na mc </span>

bhai mkc mujhe nhin aata. phone pe kaise karte hn

+1. Arif Khan should run for President. Many things in one step. Leftists go in shock, Good relations with Arab, Good impression on world as a whole, an intellectual person in power.

nhin h bhai. kuch interesting nhin h jindagi mein

damn bro. fuck that bitch.



Disobey the Geneva Convention

Ayyo Mudi sarrr aap insaan nhin, multiverse mein ek quantum dimention hoe.

bc main ban ho gaya

He may have led his struggle for Anti-Communism and Hindu unity, but I find Ranvir Sena and Mukhiyaji’s ideals wrong. Most of their struggle was actually based on Caste and not ideology. If it had struggled to eliminate communism and naxalism from society, it would be a great job, but what he did was eliminate Lower Castes. Please correct me if I am wrong, but he was more of Caste-based extremist/Militant than a Hindutvavadi.

guys, many subreddits are removing posts just because of our Watermark
my 2-3 posts were removed from r/indiandankmemes just because they had the bakchodi.org watermark

Please leave the discord server of this site.

RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat calls for “Akhand Bharat in 15 Years” political debates sparked
Mohan Bhagwat in his visit to Haridwar says in the coming 15 years, India will become Akhand Bharat, and anyone in its way will be removed or erased. Before this statement, he also daid "We talk of non-violence but with a stick in our hand". https://ndtv.in/videos/in-15-years-country-to-be-akhand-bharat-rss-chief-mohan-bhagwat-s-statement-628381 https://www.jansatta.com/national/akhand-bharat-will-be-formed-in-15-years-whatever-comes-on-the-way-will-be-erased-said-rss-chief-sanjay-raut-said-do-this-work-in-15-days-first-add-pok/2130173/ ::: spoiler spoiler I am seeing all this as signs. RSS is growing faster than ever both ideologically and membership wise. What's your observation? :::

Muslims went on rampage attacking Hindu houses, businesses and temple at Marelganj, Bagherhat
While some Minorities exploit their right of freedom in form of Violence and Extremism here in India, Hindu minority in Bangladesh is endangered and being threatened of their very existence. Temples and houses are being burnt by muslim mobs.

Regarding Reddit Meta Rule (Rule 5)
[Reddit Meta](https://bakchodi.org/c/redditmeta) community has been developed and will be exempted of the temporary rule 5. This will allow all types of reddit meta discussions including the current Reddit event of /r/place. (one must log in and allow nsfw content in order to see the content)

Reddit meta posting is restricted
As per Rule 5, all posts linking to reddit content are already restricted on this site. This includes the meta-drama of ***r/place***. Please avoid posting restricted content.

***Dhamma*** is a set of protocols, ethical guidelines and community etiquettes to enhance the quality of content on this site. Do no correlate this with Religion. But the literal meaning of the word. These are some etiquettes. 1. **Abiding by Site rules**., One must follow Site rules, Community rules and National laws at all times. This is a must-do rule and every user and community has to follow it at all times. 2. **Providing and mentioning information** about the original poster(s)/creator(s) or source, if any, on the post., Mainly for media based communities, this will help original creators to grow and encourage everyone to make content. If the poster is the original creator, they may add [OC] to the title. 3. **Constructive Criticism**., False appreciation is worse than constructive criticism. If one may censure with content on any basis, reply to the post with the basis of your disapproval and correct/appraise their content. 4. **Precise community for Precise content**., one must post the content on the designated communities already prepared by the moderation/administration. If one has a doubt on where to post their content, feel free to message moderator/administrator or use the Help community. One must also restrict Politics and Religion to Political and Religious communities respectively 5. **Salutations**., this is rather a casual ethical norm which may help the community to achieve highest level of bliss and delight. The community currently promotes the usage of “*Bhrata* and *Bhagini*” for addressing anyone. 5. **Sanskratisation**., this is another ethical norm to increase the quality of our community. While using Indian Languages, one would use the original sanskrit root for that word. In future, the senior development may also introduce bots to assist users in this field. Also, this is not to alienate people who don't use such Indian languages. You are free to communicate in any way. 6. **Demotivating the inhumane**., while the community has an active team for moderation and administration against the human, one must responsibly behave to any kind of hate speech by downvoting, depreciating and reporting such content right away. 7. **Disusage of Hateful words**., while slurs (religious, casteist, racist etc) are totally restricted on the site, one must also disuse words that may trigger hate towards a specific community or ideology. One must also avoid frequent cussing. 8. **Wholesomeness of the content**., one must also not spoil the vibe of the community by replying inappropriately to a rather wholesome post. 9. **Versatility of content**., posting news articles and opinions on all types of content is appreciated. Even if one feels that a news article may not relate to their and/or of majority of the community’s ideology, they still should post that content and openly accept debates and discussions. +Implementation of ***Dhamma***: Even historically, Dhamma wasn’t propagated and implemented by autocratic policies or with help of military. So we will not enforce Dhamma by punishing those who wont follow it. But it is advised that one follows it at all times. Dhamma will be implemented in a different way than the conventional site rules. It is the duty of every member to promote this idea of Dhamma by using their power of free speech, by posting, voting and replying. Future updates may also reward users which follow these set of etiquettes. Also, it will not be a fixed document but a living document which can be changed anytime depending upon the conditions. While Dhamma isn’t mandatorily enforced on the site as a whole, specific communities can implement it (partially or wholly) as Community rules. Admins also have total freedom to implement Dhamma on specific communities or on the site as a whole temporarily, upon risk of increasing hate speech. Feel free to react on this post by suggesting any more rules or criticising one.

So defend/Attack BJP with your best arguments. (*Plus, posting news against a particular thing, and asking the community to defend/attack them will be good for increasing our intellect and finish off our opposing thoughts in the best way. So I urge everyone to post all type of news*)

Community Dhamma
Posted on discord, posting here too. So I have a suggestion to make the community more user friendly and joyful. Do not correlate the word *Dhamma* with Hinduism or Culture, but to the original meaning of the word, A set of socially accepted norms and ethics which are generally followed by every civil social entity and being. Just like Reddit has its own Rediquette, non-enforced but accepted, we need a similar idea to reduce the risk of our community becoming toxic and thus very unfriendly to all users. This **Dhamma** shall be promoted, not enforced, by all users and admins. Specific sub-communities related to Philosophy, Culture, and maybe some more sensitive and emotional topics can also enforce the **Dhamma** after the approval of administration. If risk of hate speech increases on a particular sub-community or on the site as whole, **Dhamma** can be enforced by the admins. It may include many regulations like, -Promoting usage of specific words (Like Sanskratisation of Hindi, usage of salutations like Bhrata and Bhagini, etc.) -Avoiding and demotivating usage of words that may trigger specific communities/ideologies (like andhbhakt, librandu, retards, etc.) -Avoiding frequent usage of cuss words, personal remarks, and anything that you won't like to be called. A procedure of rewarding users that follow the **Dhamma** at most times can also encourage it. Please add suggestions/criticism to this post. This is mere a suggestion.

Did y’all watch MoonKnight Ep 1?
That episode was good ngl. Oscar Isaac is one of the best actors in Hollywood right now. I wasn't expecting much from Marvel after Black Widow and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Even Spiderman wasn't that good. Hoping to see more such Marvel content.

[Non-Meme PCM] We need to build our own Political Compass
So I am an enthusiast of such political surveys, but I think these are for the American Consumer. As an Indian, I find these questions unrelatable. I propose (in near future, when our community has some more good creators) we start research and development of our own Indian Political Compass. Edit: We have to redefine Indian Centrism. Right now, parties like INC are termed as Indian Centre. But don't you think that society's centre should be defined by the central person? We live in a society where media is accessible, not a third world nation anymore. So every person can have his own view, as in a democracy. So it is important to redefine the Centre of Indian Society after which we compare what is left-leaning or right-wing.

Vote and Suggest. Admins have the final word.

please up or down vote this post to approve or deny this. Also do suggest changes. This is just a recommendation. mods have the final word.

Collected Works of ~~Mahatma~~ Gandhi, Volume 87, Title 194, Page 258.

Please invite small Indian content creators you know
Invite Indian Mappers, small influencers, memers, Informational content creators from Instagram and Reddit. If they have like 500 to say 10k followers, they might join us without problems. I just messaged some people I follow on Instagram.

More communities on bakchodiorg
Should we invite more communities directly from Indiaverse of Reddit by inviting moderators of those communities? Looks like a good Idea. Also I think each community on this website (like food, aww, meta) can have different moderators. So we just ask the moderator of subreddit to join bakchodiorg and moderate their respective community. This will help us gain more members and we will not become a right-wing echochamber, but with people of different views.

Social media interface of our WebApp (Twitter and Koo)
Koo--> https://www.kooapp.com/profile/bakchodi_org Twitter--> https://twitter.com/bakchodi_org?t=gTgBUhWf6k8Fyaj8XUU6Rg&s=09

bakchodi movement needs a twitter hashtag
Bhratas and Bhaginis, We need a twitter hashtag to help all migrants in this crisis where reddit is pouncing any possible comeback of the formerly viraat sub of r/chodi. This is not to make a trend, but to provide necessary information to such refugees without risking banning and further mockery on Mainstream reddit. With a twitter hashtag, we can DM any user we want to invite by just asking them to see that twitter hashtag. Because some people might hesitate in joining bakchodi.org at first go. I have no expertise on this subject, this is all but a recommendation. Edit: Please recommend hashtag name if you support it. Edit 2: The best way to promote the creation of an alternate platform will be mocking it. Its ironic, but I joined this website because of a post mocking it. We can go to subreddits like indiadiscussions, usi, indiaspeaks, etc and mock the twitter hashtag, maybe meming and satire will help too. if that community is actually a liberal echo chamber, it will upvote it and more people will reach. This way, many chodi users not knowing about bakchodi.org will join it.