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Ara mere ghar se 1 ghanta door hai. Pel aaun kya? Huehuehue

vo yahan koodne ke soch raha aur tu college pooch Raha 🙂👍

Bhai rulayega kya?

Raita speaks otw to say Tanatan dharma had interspecies marriages

agle saal se abvp, Bajrang Dal join karunga prolly.

mere yahan bhi baarish ho gyi bhadia


Aankh mein dallo.

Congress wanted to suppress this event too. If the second video had not leaked, this murder would be converted to a personal rivalry and killing or loot/robbery. But within 1-2 hours, both of the videos circulated like forest fire.

bhai kon maanus hain ye? kripaya bataen

bhai mkc mujhe nhin aata. phone pe kaise karte hn

+1. Arif Khan should run for President. Many things in one step. Leftists go in shock, Good relations with Arab, Good impression on world as a whole, an intellectual person in power.

nhin h bhai. kuch interesting nhin h jindagi mein

damn bro. fuck that bitch.

guys, many subreddits are removing posts just because of our Watermark

my 2-3 posts were removed from r/indiandankmemes just because they had the bakchodi.org watermark…

Please leave the discord server of this site…

RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat calls for "Akhand Bharat in 15 Years" political debates sparked

Mohan Bhagwat in his visit to Haridwar says in the coming 15 years, India will become Akhand Bharat, and anyone in its way will be removed or erased. Before this statement, he also daid “We talk of non-violence but with a stick in our hand”.

Muslims went on rampage attacking Hindu houses, businesses and temple at Marelganj, Bagherhat

While some Minorities exploit their right of freedom in form of Violence and Extremism here in India, Hindu minority in Bangladesh is endangered and being threatened of their very existence. Temples and houses are being burnt by muslim mobs…

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Posted on discord, posting here too.