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His old posts need to stay up so that people can know his recommendations were mostly good.

Plus I get worried when people delete their accounts.

We (I) get worried when you delete your account. Mainly for your well-being. Don’t worry about us. Market will recover. 👍

Just because some Hindu women go with Muslim men doesn’t mean ALL couples should be stopped from taking hotel rooms. @XanXanIsDead3@bakchodi.org @XanXanIsDead3

I will wait it out.

Everyone likes to file FIR. Hope you are using VPN

Wait, I searched for that quote and can’t find any results!

Maybe he was talking about it from the perspective of casteism? He faced a lot of casteism, so independent India under those he sees as casteist made him say those words? Still a shitty thing to say.

You want an FIR against this site?

He likes the attention.

Why does u/XanXanIsDead2 keep deleting his account?

He gives good advice on stock market and then disappears. Makes us all scared…

but he has made a few off handed comments about India & by extension Hinduism,

Link? What exactly did he say?

Mera naam Khan hai aur mai…

What is the target?