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Absolutely no politics there!!! Librandus and chaddis both are invited!!..

fellow indiachan user

I was actually fucking around with it today, pretty God stuff for a dude who wrote it all by himself

Mein temple os use Kartha hoon 🥺

I’ve given up on JEE bhai, lund IIT honey wala hein mera, mein state key exams likh rahan hoon, I’m doing quite well in mock tests and stuff 👍

I found what I could, it’s posted here send more if you got.

Post karo mitron…

Can anyone link me to the post debunking the "one million" hindu gods

Koi bhejdo yaar, nahin mil rahan hein 😿… as an actual company

I think has a lot of potential, we need to work on the video players, the fonts, additional features, etc. …

The Wikipedia is totally biased and the news I can read is all about how they killed dalits, nothing about why they took up arms…

Give me more anti-bangali memes,

Bhai log, I need memes related to bangali cuckoldry, please bhejo, asap …

Indic Operating System

We need Indic Operating systems, we all know what’s gonna happen soon, we need Indian Built computers, chatrooms, instagram, youtube like apps and websites …

Chandragupta Maurya

Life Update

Guys today my class wali crush came spoke to me and asked me if I was from her old school, I wasn’t so I said no, she said alright cool and walked away, you have no idea how happy I am. 😿 this is gonna end up with me simping again, redpill kaisey lethey hein bhaiyo…