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Procedural Tea

My response to a post by Zelensky’s PR team which made fun of Maa Kali comparing her to Marilyn Monroe over the destruction of civilian infrastructure in Crimea.

Join us to perform antim sanskar of this now dead organization.

Golum from lotr in this universe

Tk Algeria and Syrian rebels.

In the upcoming Urduwood movie 🍿🎥 Brahmastra…

Ayan Mukerji had initially conjured by the concept from Sufism where the soul of a human being is actually a weapon.

However now he is claiming that the got inspired by Hindu shastras, and has sidelined Islamic ideas.

Clearly this is Islamophobia…

Ayan Mukerji is a ßrahmin suppressing minorities... ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/afaa8bdc-8cdd-44ad-af83-7396f28c9703.webp)

Bollywood khataam with Boycott Brahmastra trend.


Kyun karna he? Mere browser mein to perfectly araha he.

Question is - why would anyone try to defend medieval age barbarians ?

Is it almost that time of the year again ?

Dragon Part 1 : Love Becomes Brahmastra Part 1 : Shiva

The Archies, it’s a upcoming series on Netflix by Bollywood star kids.

Different types of cancer in one photo

Ranbir Kapoor feeling upbeat after taking drugs.

The mass effect: Andromeda adaptation looks apt

Boys 🇮🇳🪖 chugging down seperatist 🌜tears.

Artwork by me in support of HarGharTiranga

Only thing worth less than NFTs are Leggit awards

Meanwhile in Kolkata

We don’t want more plebs corrupted by socialism. They can be a colony at Max. We have to make them ditch their own currency fir Rupees.

Indonesian/South east asian Hindus were allowed, saw in a video recently. The Goras mostly get the bad treatment due to historic reasons.

Mulan to be the next in line.

All lives don’t matter

End of Leddit Army
After fall of Luhansk province to Russia. ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/a10236f9-9d92-45e7-9e8f-b11e76a510c9.jpeg)

When you support the Ameriki left liberals
Commander ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/13bb8d06-bb1e-4f00-8ae3-373c051b87b0.jpeg) Soldiers ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/0d718edc-3005-4d9f-b49c-61ccda30bbc3.jpeg)

Zelensky’s meeting with the African Union

How Our Samaj is decaying

Hindutva Bulldozer Pepe 🚜

Daily rona dhona

To the Moon McDonald’s

Gamla : We did it Joe

Can confirm Indian
This Desi LARPER is on the prowl ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/46e8d489-7f39-4190-9c2a-55805731ba10.jpeg)

The doom time clock

meanwhile in a parallel universe

Before Taliban. After Taliban.
Before Taliban ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/36a0a19b-38c5-43e1-b2a3-749cb101a6b8.jpeg) After Taliban ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/fc7e4e2a-1333-4886-ac2d-3e5723de2a8d.jpeg)

Meanwhile in Europe

After Gyanvapi survey was over

Effects of Ukraine Russia war
London is already stocking up on firewood due to high heating prices. ![](https://bakchodi.org/pictrs/image/c04ed0f0-cb43-44e3-b266-7be070ad93a2.jpeg)

Russia is decided to parade the captured Englishmen🤡

Piccolo has destroyed the 🌒 Moon. Eid is cancelled ☄️🕋🗿


I identify as waymen 🧙🔮🪄


Hindutva means ☮️ peace. Hindurashtra will take care of all minority muslims under 0.1% of it’s population.

The name of the festival is Baisakh. It’s called ‘Baisakhi’ in a regional accent.

It was a waste of time

We must be weary of their scorchers…