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rusty inch tier stuff man

one of his comments of original OP

You know who I stopped blaming for all of our problems today? Trump and any other politician currently serving or previously served.

If people were smarter and more capable, we’d not only not have Trump, but we’d also not have Biden. We wouldn’t have such a fucked up economy. We wouldn’t have such a fucked up government but we do.

The amount of hate people have for Trump is the amount of hate I have for stupid people. People who think his arrest will change things. People who think Democrats are good, honest people who care. People who think Republicans are good honest people who care.

I hate stupid people. They are the reason why we have all these problems.

this is a whistleblower post made by an industry analyst who claims to delete it in future.

We’re all asking the same question for SVB and these overleveraged banks.

It’s because wealthy people don’t want to lose their money.

Why is it critical? This is why:

This little uptick just erased 5-6 months of quantative easing. This was the banks alone worth $2 trillion. Net losses for private funds are over double SVB and we’re only three months into the year. At this rate, net loss will be a trillion by May. Maybe more. That means a MASSIVE bail out if this even becomes a thing. Basically, investors will need to be pulling their money out the same way people were with the banks and they are.

Why else would we have some 300 auditors ping us about redemption standards before the final report?

analyst explains how bad things really are.

I work as a Valuations Research Analyst and I provide valuations for clients invested in Private Funds (like Hedge Funds, Trusts, REITS, etc). I am given exclusive access to financial statements, underlying holdings, fund structures and future plans for these funds. Everyone from Blackrock to no-nam…

To kya ye karna possible haii??

yes but then what about the risk that 8 big trades have vs 200 small trades?

200 trades with a comprehensive know how of the market WILL MAKE YOU A MILLIONARE where as 8 trades is something for which a whole team of CFAs is required.

depends on your risk acceptance. Lets say you want to play safe and only take a daily loss of 0.5% and a profit of 0.5%

A growth of 0.5% per day on an investment of Rs.10,000 considering all market conditions is more than enough.

0.5% gain a day over a period of 200 days of a year translates to an annual profit of 271.15%, remember mutual funds only gives you 7%.

so your 10000 will give you 27115. Do this slowly and steadily and after 4 years your initial 10000 will translate to 5.4 lacks.

lmao inshallah XanXanIsDead72 soon,also did you guys start back bitching about me on discord or something?

and yes you CAN invest in american stocks.

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GEO Group is one of two for-profit prison operators in the US. I think the stock has a base case outcome of $12/share by 2024 assuming flat EBITDA and multiple, with an upside case of $18/share and a downside case of $6.50/share. The setup is highly skewed due to the significant cash ge…


this is why i never left this space even after chodi was banned.you guys saved me then and even now, you guys are what hindutva is. I wake up everyday knowing well that literally no one around me even remotely loves me,You guys kept me from being a loser. thank you.

bhai can you help me restore my old posts? can we do it or should i start making newer good ones?

yaar meri bhi toh socho, i love bakchodi and i will be there for you guys always its just abhi mera time kharab chal raha hai. i will be back to regular posts after i repay my leverage.

yaar i am fucked, i had long position in startups which kept money in LA instead of mumbai cause those cunts belived in “american supremacy”. i have lost positions worth 49000. it will take me some time to get back up and start helping you guys.