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dispression not allowed on the site

Mai 2 saal se yahi bol raha hu bc, fat to faltu mei badnaam hai. Real evil is processed carbs.

I used an old laptop screen to make an “smart mirror display”. Basically a mirror where you can see the time and weather in the bathroom. You can probably do the same.

Match dekh ke maza aagya :)

Saudi will be pivotal if they prefer BRICS over Any US alliance. BRICS directly challenges west (aka US and its testicles)

Who all wrote NEET this year? Gimme updates.

Batao Batao…

mai to West Bengal mei hu abhi

Idhar saste bhi hai bhot. a 100 rupee packet of aaloo bomb costs 40 here :)

Very accurate

As a guy who took a drop for NEET, I can feel you. Just remember everything will get better. Sometime you just gotta push your limits.

I would suggest make an Insta account and interact with people. And go for walks and shit.

After the site went down for 4 days, we can’t expect anything more. Honestly, at the point I have zero hope left for this site.

I know bhai, we already have lost many members


Us all

Were we all fooled by western propoganda?

How many of you think Olive oil is healtheir than Mustard oil? How many of you think Refined oil is better than kacchi ghani (cold-pressed oil)?..




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