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You have been banned for 1 day because of your abuses.

because islam includes Homophobia

baba saheb kabhi kabhi sahi hote hai

jokes aside these haramis see their own women as tradable commodities imagine what they think of non muslim women

ola tala ke religion me ye sab allow hai

abbe issme racism kaha se aaya

purane bandhe aaye hai

dead body coverd in blanket…??

dead kutta coverd in blanket

bachman me caste nahi sikha college me seat na milne pe seikh gaya

I already done this. But other mods did not liked. They wanted real comments

Ab Meko kafi kuch aa gaya coding me so maine skills utilize ki.

Ab bas twitter ka url daalna hai and vo reddit and yaha post ho jata hai

that’s why i am gonna leave discord and reddit

I think the same is happening with indiaspeaks that happened with randia and bakchodi

Well i am Not against homosexuality. But Bas andar hi rakhne apna ye sab. Ye Chakko ki pared ya public me gay kissing wagerah na kare.

Theek hai tumhe ladka pasanad hai toh bhai andar karo na jo karna hai aise Sabko kyu bata rahe ho

Bhai Keyboard kon tha

I am Trying to recover Myself. Help Needed.
Hi Guys, a few weeks ago i realized that i am just wasting my life on and doing nothing. So i decided to Change it. Now I Do not use Chrome, Instagram, Youtube For anything except Educational purpose. ( did not included whatsapp kyuki meko koi message hi nahi karta). And do not fap now. And The reason i found of geting caught in this addiction was, **Shyness** I am A shy guy. Did not made anyone friend in school. I am in college now and have just 2 friends(with whom i talk) in a section of 90 students. And Just to fill that loneliness i comes to reddit, This site, gore sites, And Other sites on the What I Am Doing Now To recover Myself:- 1. My exams are in 1 month so i am not going to do much but i will call my friends once a week. 2. i do not know you tell me what should i do more. And many people told me talk with stranger. But no one told how. **How to talk with strangers?** Kya puchu unse. Meri dosto se hi aur kya haal pe baat khatam ho jati hai. Stranger se ghanta kuch baat karunga. `English Me Galti hai Meko bhi pata hai`

Shy Hone ki bohot badi keemat chukani padti hai.

Kya matlab Ladki Bekasoor hai
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Aakhir mil gaya ye Video
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Here Secularism = Islamic cum secular state

Regarding Video.
Actually i have added an video uploader in sidebar, which you can use for video. currently it has only url submission. which support Only **reddit Hosted Video**. I am In dipression In these days. SO I will add Uploader i am few days as i have to learn many things for that For Now you can upload video to any sub eg. r/test and then paste the post link in url box ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](