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Yes yes soon. Lacking in inspiration nowadays.

My god the new generation does have shit taste doesn’t it. Henry Cavill is 🤌👌👌

Indian born author as in Salman Rushdie?

When I was younger way back when, the brand Crocin and Paracetamol were more popular for Acetaminophen than Dolo.

Yeah Statins are shady. Dunno why doctors prescribe them before even trying patients to get a lifestyle changed first.

The people who take them are in my extended family and it would seem pretty weird if I were to suddenly start enquiring about their everyday health

I’ve had phases like this in life. Best policy to wait for it to pass while doing what you should be doing. Better times wil come.

I know of some extended family members who do. Why?

Visuals I could totally have done without.

Husband and wife are supposed to be life partners. Jeevansathi and Jeevansangini are actual terms, not something I’ve come up with. Why should anyone be subservient in such a relationship.

Last comment was about 17-18 days back on a sub I’m a mod at. 😂

YASSS! I don’t know what the obsession with Reddit is. I have stopped using it even though I’ve never even banned.

Kya hua @Gomnodiyor@bakchodi.org bhai. Why सफ़रing

But why peet? Did you want to say butt?

Yet another MONDAY and I’m sure it physically and emotionally hurts. How are you all coping, what’s been up?..

Hemlo friends. MONDAY is back and it’s got me all blue. Anything got you guys blue? Or is anyone really happy and can share the secret, besides taking prescription drugs. Share it all with your friends, compatriots, brothers (sister) in arms…

Have a song that reminds you of someone on this site? Or a song that you would like to dedicate to someone on the site? Share with us plox!..


Hemlo Fraands. After a long hiatus this weekly thread is back. Like with everyone life and it’s happenings got the better of me. But it’s MOANDAY and I wanna know what everyone is up to. How you guys been? What’s been up with all of you? …

Man Crush Wednesdays- Zoo Bear

Hello bois and girls larping as boys. It’s been a while since I posted one of these. The thing is I’ve been lacking in inspiration. No one really caught my fancy, all men seemed to be plain vanillas. …

We have a special one this week boys. Our very own Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi is my pick for Man Crush Wednesdays. …


Welcome to yet another edition of Man Crush Wednesday boys! Where I shamelessly objectify men I find interesting, attractive, and sometimes just plain hot! …


MOANDAYS are terrible soul sucking days and we could always use a little help to get by them. Girl or rather the lack of them problems? Hair or rather the lack of them problem? Girth or the excess of it problem? Or are you a JEEtard who questions the purpose of his existence everyday and wonder why …

You know what time of the week it is? It’s Man Crush Wednesdays. …


Fiction/non fiction. Serious/fluff. Currently reading or the last book you read 5 years back. Recommendation or a short review would be much appreciated. KThanxBai…


Himsagar and Chausa are also good. Alphonso is mango water. What’s your favorite mangoes from your state?..


Shit’s getting real with Biden saying US will intervene militarily in Taiwan if China attacks. …

MOANDAY and the pain is real! Stressed about something? Boss at work a PITA? Wanna know how to lose the Covid 10 kgs and get jacked? Basically, want advice about any aspect of your life? …

When things get tough in my life, as they might in yours and everyone else you might know, this helps me, I hope it helps you folks too. ❤️ …