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looks cool🔥💯

Welcome to Bakchodi.org, Bhrata. Feel free to post all your memes here too, besides on Reddit.

Om Namah Shivaya

bhai dalit kyu kar diya

ara bhai par tu hai kon

What day is december 9 2023?

bhai file download nah howrah

pedophile 🅱️Allah

Hitler did nothing wrong

My whole school life is one big embarrassing memory.

Yeah keep up the good work!

The meme contest has been extended for an additional 2-3 weeks due to the overwhelming response and participation from the community.

Upvote the best memes from the past week and share them with your friends and family to enjoy the fun.

A Few ideas for memes from my side:

  • Religious/Dharmic/Vedic Memes on Hinduism, Sanatan Dharma, and Bharat.
  • History Memes on Ramayan and Mahabharat. Have a look at our Itihasa community to get more ideas.
  • Political Compasses, Greentexts and Starterpacks.
  • Map porn, Vexillology and Polandballs on Akhand Bharat, HinduRashtra.

The winner will receive a cash prize of ₹2000. Thank you for your continued participation and we can’t wait to see your hilarious and relatable memes.

Banao memes aur dikhao apni bakchodi ka jauhar! Bakchodi.org ke Meme Fest mein dank memes banao aur ₹2000 jeeto. Jaldi upvote karo aur dosto ke saath share karo. Socho unique ideas aur banao majedar memes. Cash prize milne waala hai jeetne wale ko, toh mauka pakadho aur bakchodi ka rang bikharo!

Boycott Reddit. Soft porn posts like this can bring more users to our website 💯

OMG, I just came across this meme and it is an absolute masterpiece! This should be in top all time posts of Bakchodi.org. I can see you have put so much time and effort into every detail. The way you incorporated different images and text is truly brilliant.

Wah Bete Moj Kardi… tum to bade heavy driver ho

bhai ban aaye to hai humne r/IndiaRises 🙄


-> r/IndiaRises

But we don’t need reddit anymore. It has turned into a degenerate place.


jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai

Slava Rossii! Death to America.

khatam tata bye bye goodbye gaya gone

Ackchyually, Bakchodi originated from Sanskrit, Vanar Sena, known as the ‘Bakchirakshasas’, used to talk a lot and make jokes in ancient Indian forests. Ancient scholars and Rishis coined the term ‘Bakchodi’ by combining two Sanskrit words, ‘Bak’ meaning chatter and ‘chodi’ meaning incite.

It is a widely held belief that India gained independence from British rule due to Gandhi and his non-cooperation movement. True history as revealed by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada does not support this view. Prabhupada reveals very clearly that India gained her independence due to Adolf Hitler not Gandhi. Prabhupada always criticised Gandhi’s non-violence movement saying: “Well, in politics, unless there is violence, you cannot take. Simply by sweet words, not possible.” He further said that after 30 years of this non-violent, non-cooperation Gandhi could do nothing to drive away the British. The British were driven out of Indian because Hitler smashed them and diminished their political power. Hitler then helped Subash Chandra Bose to form the Indian National Army [I.N.A] by giving him Indian soldiers captured by the Germans from the British. The British realized they could no longer rule over India when they saw that the captured Indian soldiers were joining a fighting national movement led by Subash Chandra Bose in cooperation with Hitler’s national socialistic Germany. Thus the British left India in 1947 but not without causing as much harm to the country as possible by leaving them weak with the partition of India and Pakistan. A fitting move by the Jewish controlled British [divide and conquer]

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Bakchodi.org Summer Meme Contest!!
Namaste! Bhratas and Bhaginis. We're happy to announce the Annual Summer Meme Contest! The most upvoted memes will get up to ₹2000 prize! The prizes will be funded by the admin and if any doners interested, with up to three prizes. In addition to the prizes, we'd love it if you could help us spread the word about this contest by sharing it on social media—we'll be giving away some free stuff for all of your help! The results will be declared within 1 week and a mod will announce the winners. If you are interested in organizing this event, please contact the admin [here](https://bakchodi.org/post/19186). We are looking for volunteers to help. **Rules:** - All memes must be posted on Memes/Shitpost community only. - All memes must be images only. At present, we don't support videos. - All memes must be watermarked with bakchodi.org seal. You can design one for yourself or find some of our watermarks [here](https://bakchodi.org/post/1321). - OC content are appreciated but you can repost a meme with bakchodi.org watermark. - Not to mention all posts must follow the site-wide rules and [Dhamma](https://bakchodi.org/post/787).
Bakchodi.org Summer Meme Contest!!