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Listen bitches, subreddit rahe ya na rahe. kuch baathe yad rakhna…

  1. Ultimately Modiji 2024 jeetenge, saare libbus ke pichwaade mei mirchi powder lagake gaand marna hai

  2. Ram Mandir banne waala hai, sabhi Prabhu ke darshan karne janeka

  3. Kashi Mathura Baaki hai, Gandhar thak hamara hai

  4. Khandit Bharat ko phirse Akhand banayenge. Jai Bhawani.

American Foot Ball >>>>>>> Other Foot ball

Jee mains ke mocks mei kitne marks aa rahe hai?

Teekse padaai karle bsdk. Kaunsi state ka hai

Saala maine bola tha ki iitian/nitian banke wapas aaunga… Bc 4 din baad site hi nhi khul rhi

Atleast bann paaye?

Big fall for DiCaprio

I think Zelenskyy is a genius.

  1. If he loses war, he’ll flee to some Western nation for asylum and live in luxury there with wealth he has amassed abroad and also foreign help.
  2. The West is pouring billions to arm Ukranians. If they win the war, they’ll make West pour billions more to rebuild Ukraine.

Either way only PPL who suffer are the PPL who die fighting and the taxpayers who fund them.

I have a question. Will ghots fuck living females or ghost females?

Aloo ko decent size mei chop Karo.

Mix batter with Chana flour, salt, chilli powder, soda, ajwain and water.

Dip Aloo slices into batter and throw into oil for deep frying.

Maze kro pencho

Ballistic missiles have a trajectory of a projectile.

Cruise missiles have a trajectory of a airplane

If China nukes Taiwan, the Semiconductor factories will be destroyed. Biggest loss for China

Ask him Periyar’s full name. Argument destroyed.🗿

Although it is very much possible that formerly Indian controlled areas might have become buffer zones… The 2 persons in picture, the news network and the subreddit are lodus, so I’d it take it with a pinch of salt

Admin has been honeytrapped by Paxtani Honey trap agent


VLC Player udaadiya Gormit nei…

Ant mei vinaash…