George Floyd

I can’t breathe

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We dravidians were kangs and shit. These pajeet narthies won’t get it anna

Nigga this is like my 13th something account on feggit. I love trolling

Mane all i listen to is old love songs 😻

Bro who are you

Are itni dino baad

I heard that transgenders are now using tomato based sauce to stimulate periods

Bhai i physically cringe when I see these type of memes. I’m a Hindu nationalist myself but I’m aware of the fact that most of us are just bullshitter keyboard warriors

I can’t watch anything that has sneako on it. Ik repulsed by that 50 iq mutt chimp

RT has made videos on how ALL indians drink cow piss and other western stereotypes earlier. They are not pro India

Pajeet land is now the most populated country in the world.

Condoms use karna sikhao in kutto ko…

I can understand why we are hated so much in the international community, deserved

Pajeets are worst form of humans to exist on the face of this planet. Pajeet Muslims don’t even qualify as humans. I have never seen a race with more inferiority complex than us. I’ve seen pajeets take pictures with white tourists even in Delhi. I hate them, I hate them more than niggers and Jews combined.

How would you rate your social life?

By social life i mean how often do you go out and have fun, talk to friends or have a girlfriend, relationship with colleagues and other stuff…

Mr Tatte

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