George Floyd

I can’t breathe

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Inch bros can’t stop Seething

I’ve never seen anybody that i know of drink or use it

Yes, how much are you willing to sell them for?

I hate holi, it’s a lund festival tbh. In recent times it’s all about getting drunk, shitty flirting with neighbouring ‘bhabhis’, and yes ofc groping westerners. Pajeets deserve all the hate we get tbh, whole UP Bihar belt is full of these subhumans who i unfortunately have to call my countrymen. Lode ka vishwaguru bhenchod, jo bhi keh lo. India isn’t safe for women, bhenchod i use public transport frequently pata hai kya hota hai udhar. Recently saw a man with his cock out on a bus stand, and one of my friends got sexually harassed in a market. This place is an absolute shothole and nothing can change that.

Partition time violence is one of the most gut wrenching episodes in recent history of India. Many hindu as well as Sikh women and men fell prey to the Islamic madness. This should be a reminder that no muslim should be seen as our own brother and countryman by us Hindus. After all more than 90% Indian muslims voted for the creation of Pakistan but only a few actually left.

Fellow countrymen? I refuse to not wish for the destruction of the people who broke thousands of my temples, carried out multiple genocides throughout the ages, Snatched my people of our most sacred places and erected those eyesore of mosques. In fact i rejoice in their suffering, as every Hindu should. I wish for my mathrubhumi to be free of termites. This is our fucking site, you have your r/India or whatever, then why tf be here? This place was made for us to do this shit nigga. You can take your happy ass back to reddit

Post made by a mulla brainlet probably, who’d put Islam in good lol

Saheb e alam… laude ka alam

Hindu far right movement is now only limited to pajeets waving their swords with some shitty trap music in their third hand 2007 model Mahindra scorpios and making cringe modi edits on YouTube

We dravidians were kangs and shit. These pajeet narthies won’t get it anna

Pajeet land is now the most populated country in the world.
Condoms use karna sikhao in kutto ko

How would you rate your social life?
By social life i mean how often do you go out and have fun, talk to friends or have a girlfriend, relationship with colleagues and other stuff.

Women love the floyad
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Average edits enjoyer
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