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Marry your sister to a scst please. Thet will surely bring hindu unity

I don’t give a fuck about anyone outside my community. Liberal, am l?

I have a history of last 4 generations getting betrayed and having atrocities committed on my bloodline by scsts and dravidian lemurians. I will never stop hating them.

Hindu unity can go fuck itself

Lundbedkar didn’t call UC villains? Lundbedkar’s existence was not based on hating UCs? ‘Bhim’ army doesn’t go around spreading hatred against UCs? You’re the retard, not me.

And if generals get a part of land for themselves where they can live with dignity, I’m happy being the next jinnah.

The difference is, one community is clearly being called the villain.

Done Nothing

Yeah, stealing seats of poor hardworking general category children is doing nothing because who cares about generals?


Show me Proof that he was not Getting Fucked by UC


Bhimtas make the same village-city comment every where and according to them, scsts are treated like animals in villages. So animals are upholding dharma?

It’s not a choice, it’s a certainity

Proof of lundbedkar getting fucked by UCs? Proof that they were UCs and not Muslims/obcs??

Why should I care about village scsts when I live in a city? And they will become the same when even slightly exposed to to bhimtas and the drug called reservations.

And yes, we should forget real ancient history and start believing in communist history then🤡🤡🤡

He was denied access to drink water,He sat on the floor as he was not allowed to sit in the chair,Kids took their bags cause they were scared his shadow will fall on it and they will get impure

Lies. That shit was just a British stooge paid to ruin Indians future which it did successfully

General category will not get a single penny from the government. They are only there to pay taxes for depressed depressing depressants and mudslimes.

Why should only generals suffer for Hindu unity? Why should we face archaic scst acts and reservations for wooing a historically treacherous community? The only reason I don’t want Hindu rashtra is because generals, being in the minority will continue to get betrayed by these traitors.

Reservations will continue to exist, scst act will continue to exist, they would still force their way into priesthood by attending crash courses just for desecrating the temple premises.

All the ‘good’ scsts would start barking at once if you say anything about reservations, they don’t want to work, they just want to grab positions belonging to others for spite. They see UC women as trophies, this is not limited to bhimtas. Any scst male’s first preference would always be a UC woman, and they wouldn’t even think of marrying their women to UC men.

I do not wish to be united with such people, Hindus are not united and its the truth. Even in the upcoming cw, a large fraction will be Hindus infighting.

And if Hindu unity is ever achieved, it wouldn’t be by love and compassion and shared culture, it would be by a despotic tyrant beating them into staying united.

War is coming

Only large scale destruction can save the world

Great time for anarchy… let’s just start a war already

You’re either joking or You’re an idiot who still learnt nothing from history