Trolling Indians since 2nd October 1869

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Libbu logic:

Terrorists have no Religion, but I’ll use the term “Hindu Terrorism”

Virus have no known origin, but I’ll call it “Indian Variant”

Scammers have no Nationality, but I’ll use the term “Indian Scammers”


Himalayan ranges, North Eastern, and Sri Lanka labeling goes burr!

Btw, nice nude artifacts in the bottom, murtis at extreme east and west looks underage, but ok!

Failed in maths, but ok!

Is this here in India or in British chor bazar?

Sarva Dharma Badapav 🤲

Most govt jobs be like:

The same happened to Hitler

Experience is Experience, after all

Not too late if there is an honest dictator gets into power and firewalls/locks the country from imports, internet like China/Russia for the next 200yrs for decolonization, and starts training assassins to systematically eliminate traitors openly advocating for breaking India and other dishonest motives. The Army also have to be a servant of the ideology and have to stop acting like a mercenary.

I may sound like crazy, but believe me it’s the only way, initial days of every nation made through this, but that Ruler has to create many domestic industries, employments to keep the unemployed population busy, so they don’t sit idle and protest.

To, too, two; I get it, same-sounding sounds, but to differentiate, English uses add-ons to their spellings when writing. It only shows how much the English language is scarce of terms and undeveloped for the modern human vocabulary, English language just uses the same words for many different connotations, which makes it extremely dull and unintelligent.

Bro, our days are gone, we are literally becoming 2nd Africa of Asia, China-USA everyone uses India to dumps, experiment their garbage, and we gladly accept.

This is noob, My test showed I’m most like: Muhammad and Jesus

Christians-Muslims discovers a new human civilization: Time to genocide

Singh is Ricebag King

Looks good, your thoughts? Company Intro:

Sharing a very personal stuff, which I'm going through, I don't know what's waiting for me in the future anymore.


Ro Endians roo, get jelous of our saxy PM, whom everyone just wants to see naked and 🅱ape, dildo dildo paxitan 😎

“Mujko ghabrana nahi hai” - Imrand Khan Nazi 🗿

Don’t support these channels, a lot of them have used this excuse to propagate Indians as Scammers among foreigners. They promote silent racism against Indians online.

Poor domestic animals in posh areas 😥

This Dutch MP is always ready to support India via Twitter, just like most of us, lol


It’s all logical, since you can’t eat your own kind, how can a pork eat another pork?

Typical brainless libbus, lol

When I hovered over the Ghazwa-E-Hind, "Indian reunification" page popped up... They even deleted the original Ghazwa-E-Hind Wiki pages, as according to them, it's sounds like a "conspiracy"...

Ye Dallah, asi Salma mil jaye bus 🤲😩
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Some interesting stuff!

British looted Bharat – Should Bharat not demand reparations?

Gosh, Gandhi was totally ahead of his times, and was a certified troll.