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Kuch no hona. Sab ko aa rahe hain. Ignore maar

US of A ...

Thats my all time favorite

You guys fold your laundry!?

Om Shanti

Army dog Zoom, who was under treatment at army’s veterinary hospital in Srinagar, passed away around 12 noon today. Lt Gen ADS Aujla laid wreath on mortal remains of Army Assault Canine. Zoom is cremated with full military honors. Despite his young age of 2 years, Zoom was a veteran of multiple CT O…

Om Shanti

thats why r/IndiaMGTOW…

Step 01: Be an actual Ghost

Step 02: never feel the need of a girl.

Recently, [an image of a news report from a newspaper was shared on twitter with a claim that Mahatma Gandhi, a man who is known for his struggle to provide equality to all and a feminist of his time, asked women to take poison to save their chastity, and to protect themselves from getting raped dur…

Jab tak janta 5k+ nahin hoti tab tak i dont think there will be much change in content of the site. As u also must have noticed, we have very limited users (same users) who do posts here. Until that number increases, there wont by much difference in content posted.

What i find more interesting is that though the number of new joiners is very low but it is STEADY. Like there isnt much fluctuation in this. And it has been same since initial 750 or 800 users.

yaar, busy irl. but still try to

so sir tan se juda when?