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Yes I totally agree. Ours is a fight against adharm. Adharm is present in our hindu society and in every religion. If we have to win this fight then we need contribution from all dharmic people who are present in every religion. Sankhyabal hiin asli bal hai. So I would like this bakchodi site to be filled with humanity loving people of islam, christianity and sikhism and women of all religion who value humanism. So, I support this lady. And her views.

nahi menslibIndia. But you were close. Avi v jaoge toh mil jaega mera comment. How to deal with online islamophobia naam ka post tha.

I cant even comprehend the level of misinformation these people have. Btw there was no reply after that. Give mulla facts and he will run away.

We dont need a book. But we need a collection against Hinduphobia.

Everyone here must in their daily interactions on R india or r librandu or any other vile sub must collect screenshots of conversations of hinduphobia and store it. And collectively then can be launched as a separate website to raise issue of hinduphobia. Poore India ko jab pata chalega ki Secular log kitne sickular hain tab desh jagega.

R better, I can go larp as randian grill. Hahahaha… lut liya mehfil bhaai …luuut liya…

Finally someone got it ki ye real business idea nahi sarcasm tha. But agar jyada anti hindu jokes kiya toh sala ek din print v kar denge aur ads v banaenge.

Why cant peacefuls take a valid criticism ? Did Hindus kill entire Bhim army for raising valid points ?