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Love Jihad in Odisha: Protest in Bhubaneswar after attempts were made to brainwash and convert a 27-year-old Hindu girl
**Summary:** On Sunday, May 28, a group of youths held a protest in Bhubaneswar against love jihad in Odisha. They shouted slogans against it and held placards with 'Save Hindu girls' and 'Love Jihad will not be tolerated on Lord Jagannath's land' written on them. The protest was carried out after a case of love jihad involving a 27-year-old Hindu girl, who lodged a complaint with the Khordha Model Police station. The accused has similar relations with many girls and is now set to marry one of them.

Afghan, Pakistan cartels survived empires. Now they are drowning Indian Ocean region in drugs
**Summary:** The Baluch smuggler convoys eluded the gaze of three empires, bringing liquor, opium, automobile parts, sewing machines and silk to Persia and Afghanistan. Today, the modern inheritors of these networks are sending a tidal wave of Afghan-made drugs washing over the Indian Ocean. The tiny Baluch fishing town of Pasni has become an asset to the Afghan drug trade, with elite clans like the Bizenjos and Kalmati dominating the town. Ganglord Seth Gunj Bakhsh and his brothers form the backbone of the Afghan drug trade, transferring heroin and methamphetamines from Afghanistan to Pasni and Lasbela. The industrial production of heroin began in 1979, when Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate encouraged jihadist groups to raise cash by running drugs. The culture of impunity is still deeply embedded in Pakistan, with Karachi businessman Jabir 'Motiwala' Siddiq attempting to avoid extradition to the US. Efforts to destroy the drug industry through military force have been ineffective, costing millions of dollars.

**Summary:** Yevgeny Prigozhin's latest bombast against the Russian MOD and Kremlin is an indicator of the seriousness of Putin's regime. He claimed 20,000 of his own men had been killed in the capture of Bakhmut, but this is likely a gross under-estimation. Prigozhin's vision of revolution is not impossible, as the war in Afghanistan discredited the Soviet army and emboldened dissidents. The impact of a catastrophically failing war in the Russian Federation is more acute today, with greater casualties in a shorter time and a smaller population. If this war does lead to fundamental change, it could lead to a protracted scenario of chaos, violence, rebellion and repression, with fighting between the Russian army, national guard, security services, and private armies.

Vedas are the roots of all knowledge. That’s the Hindu claim, and no one can deny it.

In Nehru chor bazar, India. Was kept as “walking stick gifted to Nehru by Mountbatten” in Ananda Bhavan. Modi will install this Sengol Rāja-daṇḍa in the new Loksabha.

The new world – shaped by self-interest | ORF
Summary: The 21st century has seen a series of events, such as the conflict in Ukraine and the G7 summit in Hiroshima, that have taught us that geography still matters. India is standing its ground and choosing its priorities. Value-based frameworks are untenable, and nations are driven by self-interest and the need to maintain lucrative economic relations. To conduct meaningful international dialogue, nations must right-size their perceptions about each other and themselves. As this century progresses, an East and West will emerge within the Global North and South. International engagements will be organised around the standard operating principle of law firms, as limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

That’s Islam and Islamism.

> Sengol, derived from the Tamil word “Semmai”, means Righteousness. Made of silver & gold, the sacred Sengol is a masterpiece of Indian art. The Nandi at the top is the protector & symbol of Justice.

अर्थात्, खड्ग की धार पर चलना है ! अग्निपरीक्षा !!

> The Karnataka Assembly results must have shocked even those who had been seeing the writing on the wall for some time now. For, the defeat was so comprehensive and staggering. > > In India, an **election is largely decided by 10-15 per cent floating voters, mostly Hindus**, who exercise their electoral rights as per their understanding of the political scenario, performance of parties, et al. Being young, educated, urbane voters, they are largely expected to go the BJP way more often than not. But when they don’t, the impact is devastating for the saffron party, as in 2023 Karnataka, or as was the case in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls. > > This ‘unreliable’ voter has certain basic expectations from the party it votes into power. Once met, it doesn’t leave. > > So, what went wrong in Karnataka for the BJP? Of course, it was the **perception of being a corrupt, inefficient government** running a lackadaisical administration that damaged the reputation of the state dispensation. > > The biggest, though the least deliberated upon, reason for the BJP’s electoral rout has been the **lack of any perceptible ideological difference** between the BJP and the Congress in Karnataka. > > Though many Left-‘liberal’ commentators would try to twist this verdict to project how hijab was a non-issue, the reality is just the opposite: The region has seen the rise of Islamist forces, with the **Hindutva activists targeted and killed/maimed by PFI terrorists** as the state looked the other way. The **murder of 32-year-old BJP youth-wing worker Praveen Nettaru** in the coastal district of Dakshina Kannada in July last year, for instance, sparked widespread outrage; it saw mass resignations by party workers and also the vehicle of state unit president Nalin Kumar Kateel was targeted. > > There are many instances of **callous indifference** — from the story of Meenakshamma, the mother of a BJP leader killed by PFI terrorists in 2015, who, as per a story by The Print in 2022, “collects plastic trash to eke out a living, lives in penury and is the sole caretaker of her grandson”, to Yashoda, whose son Prashanth Poojary was again hacked to death by PFI men in 2015, surviving on the “rent she receives from their flower shop — where her son was killed — and a widow pension of Rs 600”. > > How can a party that fails to look after its own cadre expect to win?

From Singh to Sin… what an upgrade!

> The U.S. government frequently advocates for an end to child marriage around the globe. > > The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights defines child marriage as one in which a party to it is under eighteen years old. Research shows that this practice often puts countless minors around the world in a position of vulnerability while also creating barriers to opportunity. > > A landmark 2021 study by Unchained at Last found that an estimated **three hundred thousand children** were married in the United States between 2000 and 2018, the vast majority of whom were girls married to older men. Approximately sixty thousand occurred at an age or involved a spousal age difference that should have constituted a sex crime. **Some were as young as ten.** > > There is currently **no federal law banning child marriage** in the United States. Although advocates have succeeded in getting seven states to ban child marriage with no exceptions, **forty-three states still allow marriage under the age of eighteen**, and **seven states have no minimum age requirement for marriage** so long as there is a parental or judicial waiver. > > In California, which has no minimum legal marriage age, a 2017 bill to ban the practice was defeated after advocates—including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)—lobbied against it. > > Before you turn eighteen in the United States, you cannot vote, purchase tobacco, or drink alcohol; in most states, you also cannot purchase a home because it involves entering a contract.

But, De-dollarization के पहले तक USA से ही development fuel होगी न! तो दूरी कैसे रखेंगे?

> The trajectory of India-US ties is a little baffling. Viewed from an angle, the relationship is in the pink of health. > > And yet, a 360-degree view paints a different story. > > The core issue remains Washington’s missionary commitment to promote its brand of cultural liberalism. Along with it, the unstated agenda of maintaining the post-Cold War liberal international order and its geopolitical and ideological hegemony through tools and mechanisms such as “human rights” and “universal religious freedom” that sublimate decision-making authority from sovereign nation-states to international institutions controlled and designed by it. > > Trouble is, the ‘2022 Report on International Religious Freedom’, an annual exercise by the IRF (International Religious Freedom), a wing of the US State Department, is mostly based on discredited data, sloppy research, dubious statistics, citation loops and fake news. > > If a rising India ‘concerns’ the US enough for it to issue such dubious, discredited reports based on sources that have clear conflict of interests, it stands to reason that a more powerful, strategically autonomous India, the world’s most populous nation and the largest democracy, may make the US even more insecure. > > As soon as Garcetti landed in New Delhi, US embassy of India initiated a programme in partnership with IREX, an organisation supported by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and Ford Foundation, among others, for “teaching” Indian youths to “think critically”.

Boys and Girls from West Bengal are going to Assam to watch ‘The Kerala Story’
> West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee announced to ban of the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ in the state. > > Recently former BJP MP of Alipurduar, Dasharath Tirkey arranged a bus to Assam to watch the movie.

Salvation won’t be found in marketplaces, only mediocrity.

And yet, Vyādh Gītā was found in a marketplace.

but don’t hope for anything deeper to come out of that engagement.

Why? A good discussion is a reward in itself. Engagement in a Shākhā is pretty rewarding. Evening discussions in a Ramakrishna Mission is enlightening. Dhyāna and Prāṇāyāma followed by lectures and discussion is pretty rewarding.

Waiting for perfection will yield nothing. Also, no path is perfect, and acceptance of this opens many doors. Additionally, ISKCON isn’t the only thing I mentioned. OP can choose his thing to come out of his self-imposed seclusion. Going to temples itself is good, although even there you’ll find no guarantee of ‘salvation’ or anything ‘deeper’.

Those who crawl on their knees can’t stand equal to those who walk, and far beneath those who dream of flying.

Unfortunately, OP seems to be standing still in his hermitage. Crawling will be better than that. He can walk when the opportunity comes in this path of self-improvement. Let’s not deny crawling because we dream of running some day!

an iskoniya is just as worse as a christcuck

Let’s agree to disagree. I praise them for their preaching activities, especially to an Abrahamic mind; for bringing them under the Hindu fold or label. Their next generation will have enough time to learn the grandeur of Hindu thought and philosophy.

Anything can be termed a zombie convention if you are a zombie. And yet, those ‘conventions’ are, among others, good avenues for gaining social stimulus and possibly good friendships.

Moreover, those organizations will provide you an opportunity to connect with the greater Hindu community, the Virāta Hindu Samāja. You think that’s zombification?

Reading Śāśtra will provide social stimulus? Did you even read the OP?

Quoted from “Maharanas” by Omendra Ratnu.

[LONG READ] Sri Aurobindo on India’s decay
> The solution of problems of this kind has to be sought not in abstractions, not in machinery, but in men. It is the spirit in man which moulds his fate; it is the spirit of a nation that determines its history. > > Japan remained faithful to her ancient spirit, the spirit of the Samurai. > > In Bharat, the mass of the nation has remained dormant; but in the upper strata, a new type has been evolved to serve the necessities of foreign rule. This type is the bourgeois. > > Who is the bourgeois? > > The bourgeois is the average contented middle-class citizen. He is a man of facile sentiments and skin-deep personality; generally ‘enlightened’ but not inconveniently illuminated. > > In love with his life, his ease and above all things of his comforts, he prescribes the secure maintenance of these precious possessions as the first indispensable condition of all action in politics and society; whatever tends to disturb or destroy them, he condemns as foolish, harebrained, dangerous, or fanatical and is ready to repress by any means in his power. > > In the conduct of public movements, he has an exaggerated worship for external order, moderation and decorum and hates over-earnestness and over-strenuousness. > > He has ideals and likes to talk of justice, liberty, reform, enlightenment and all similar abstractions. The bourgeois is the man of good sense and enlightenment, the man of moderation, the man of peace and orderliness, the man in every way ‘respectable,’ who is the mainstay of all well-ordered societies. > > For great adventures, tremendous enterprises, lofty achievements, the storm and stress of mighty and eventful periods in national activity, he is unfit. These things are for the heroes, the martyrs, the criminals, the enthusiasts, the degenerates, geniuses, the men of exaggerated virtue, exaggerated ability, exaggerated ideas. He enjoys the fruit of their work when it is done, but while it is being done, he opposes and hinders more often than helps. > > A little art, a little poetry, a little religion, a little scholarship, a little philosophy, all these are excellent ingredients in life and give an air of decorous refinement to his surroundings. They must not be carried too far or interfere with the great object of life which is to earn money, clothe and feed one’s family, educate one’s sons to the high pitch of the B.A. degree or the respectable eminence of the M.A., marry one’s daughters decently, rank high in service or the professions, stand well in the eye of general opinion and live and die decorously, creditably and respectably. > > ... > > Bourgeois may give stability to a society; it cannot reform or revolutionise it. > > Bourgeois may make the politics of a nation safe, decorous and reputable. It cannot make that nation great or free. > > Bharat was an amalgam of the highest ideals man’s nature could achieve and use for the society. > > The Brahmin who devoted himself to poverty and crushed every desire in the wholehearted, selfless pursuit of knowledge and self-discipline; > > the Kshatriya who, hurling his life joyously into the shock of chivalrous battle; held life, wife, children, possessions, ease, happiness as mere dust in comparison with honour and the Kshatriya dharma, the preservation of self-respect, the protection of the weak, the noble fulfilment of princely duty; > > the Vaishya, who toiling all his life to amass riches, poured them out as soon as amassed in self-forgetting philanthropy, holding himself the mere steward and not the possessor of his wealth; > > the Shudra who gave himself up loyally to humble service, faithfully devoting his life to his dharma, however low, in preference to self-advancement and ambition; these were the social ideals of the age. > > The bourgeois came up as a class of their own in independent Bharat and from sheer inanition, from want of light, room and air, the Kshatriya died out of the soil which had first produced him and the bourgeois took his place. But if room was none for the soldier and the statesman, little could be found for the Brahmin, the sage, or the sannyasin. > > Independent Bharat had no need for scholars, it wanted clerks.

Bhusāwal banana = 2 * Bengali banana (in my locality)

And Bhusawal banana is tasty.

BJP suffers from several ailments - Gandhi’s assassination; Atal’s Shining India; and Modi’s 2002 being the major ones. Everyone except the BJP calls it to be a Hindu first party. BJP keeps refusing.

WB govt is hated because they allowed open rape and massacre of Hindus. Because they are settling Bangladeshis there. And both of them are threats to our national and communal security.

TN govt is hated due to their dravidian propaganda machinery.

Rajasthan or Himachal or Chhatisgarh govt isn’t hated. Do remember that Rajasthan govt is neck deep in corruption and M appeasement. Chhatisgarh govt appeases missionaries. No one hates the states. I don’t think Karnataka will be hated. No.

their constant fucking doom mongering that hindus will be wiped out & shit after bjp loses a election

Truth be told, the danger looms heavy whether BJP is in power or sitting in opposition. And Hindus have become too lazy as a community to do anything about it. Some are trying. Rest want sweet fruits of others’ labour (and blood, of course). When we look at Rajasthan’s Congress govt bulldozing the homes of Pakistani Hindu Refugees or allowing open Namaz on roads, we understand Congress’ real face - Muslim appeaser, frightened of Islam and a coward before Momin bullying (like real Gandhi said). BJP, OTOH, has become a fence sitter - appeasing both Hindus and Momins. This itself makes BJP a better (although, not ideal) option.

Therefore, when BJP loses, the frightened Hindus see their doom approaching faster. He spills that fear on social media, by condemning those who defeated BJP. Same happens with staunch capitalists (with different reasoning) and some other sections of society including the Youtubers that are scared of heavy FoE restrictions in non-BJP states.

I don’t participate in society. But isolation from family? Hell no! Also, I understand my reasons for not participating in society and I’ll do so after solving those issues.

If you want, join some club to mitigate this loneliness. If nothing else, join a Shākhā or some ISKCON devotees or even Art of Living sessions or some other similar group that meets daily/weekly and gives you a purpose for interacting with others for some time.

Chinese-built Pokhara Airport in Nepal fails to take off: Report
> Under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing built the Pokhara international airport in Nepal in January. > > According to officials in the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the airport should conduct at least 100 daily domestic flights and 50 weekly international flights in order to sustain its operations. > > The airport has to pay USD 3.2m alone in annual interest. Officials say the airport must have an income of at least Rs 1.5 bn annually. > > Although the talks are ongoing with China, India and other countries, the chances of international airlines making flights to and from Pokhara airport in the near future appear slim.

Momins shifted votes from JDS to Congress. Congress gained about 7% more votes. Effective Campaign by the terrorists(SDPI).

Edit: Basically, Trptikaraṇ of Momins failed.

Why Ukraine? Taiwan is important because it serves as the unsinkable aircraft carrier of US in East China Sea. But what purpose does Ukraine serve?

> China has bigger ambitions, and Taiwan is part of that ambition. > > If we leave aside the mouth-watering economic and technological proposition Taiwan presents to China, militarily, it is a crucial link in the Chinese maritime strategy. Even US General Douglas MacArthur had called Taiwan the unsinkable aircraft carrier and submarine tender during the Korean war. > > Taiwan has achieved per capita income three times the Chinese income. The very existence of Taiwan destroys China’s claim to be a very successful model and threatens Xi Jinping’s lifetime Presidency dream. > > The Chinese invasion of Taiwan will tilt the force balance in India’s favour in the Himalayas. The Chinese Western Theatre Command (WTC) has an estimated 90,000-1,20,000 troops, mainly at Chongqing and Baoji. In the event of an invasion of Taiwan, the Chinese commanders would be reluctant to spare them for Tibet. > > During a wartime scenario, there are plenty of other vulnerabilities that Chinese forces present to the Indian armed forces to exploit. > > **If China makes the mistake of invading Taiwan, India should not make the mistake of restraint and non-interference. Every Indian military exercise should have a scenario presented and practiced where Indian forces invade China. After all, it could be an opportunity of the millennia, and India doesn’t have the luxury to miss it.**

Respectful Desi Way: “सब मोह-माया है!”