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It’s not an image, it’s a feeling.-

ohhhh, anyways, they can just downvote. If they spread wokeness here, they’ll meet their match.

Could you elaborate a little on this.

A little left out here.

Prove your intellecktualness by solving these megamind puzzles, bakchodians. 👇
1)किस प्रकार के room में कोई दरवाजा नहीं होता । 2)आपकी क्या ऐसी चीज़ है जिसे देने से वो आप की नही होती । 3)rainbow के अंत मे क्या रहता है ?

+1 ; if possible make it a weekly thing on ! As it was made specifically for that.

PreservertoFunnyYes :)

hehe boii

Be passionate towards something and have an individual interesting personality.

Bakchodi merch in the market🗿

Don’t underestimate the power of freebies in India though.

Wire on the way to write an article on how Bakchodians are sexualizing Pakistani grills. /s

A door ka Hindu friend texted me wishing Eid this morning… I saw and just ignored.

Sorry to be the buzzkiller , but i think I simple2 tab would do and with the money saved… You should invest in the market or some safe securities.

Is that really you?

Also, fav sport - Badminton Anime - Demon Slayer

I want to buy new spectacles , and i need some advice.
I want to explore online options as well, but I've had zero experience with online specs companies! Could you guys share some of your experience and what do you go for local, lenskart or some else brand?

Sarv Dharm Sambhav , maybe?

Learning more skills.

We have a skill based market and environment now. But at least I’ve realised my mistake and started working on skills.

I’m Semi Out of loop regrading the Jahangirpuri JCB case.
Alright from what i could gather from ites & bits pieces here and there ~ 1. JCB went to Jahangirpuri area to bulldoze illegal enchroched properties. 2. SC put out a stay notice on this MCD action around 2pm. 3. JCB's started doing their work around 9am. 4. They bulldozed a mosque's gate and some 🅱️ulla properties. 5. But they bulldozed more Hindu owner's properties than 🅱️ullas'. So is this sequence of events correct or there's something missing or a particular point is wrong, then do let me know. Also, can anybody briefly explain whether it's an actual win for us or just a lollipop provided to Hindus as usual? Thank you