Quit using internet, on a jivan yatra to do actual impact for dharm.

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धन्यवाद बकचौडी.ओरग

अब मुझे एक जीवन यत्रा पर जाना है । आप सभी ने मुझे बहुत ज्ञान दिया है जिसके लिए मैं धन्य हु । …

Your still the main character of YOUR life.

Account created and server joined

Post ke niche Wale three dots Wale option par click kar, doh squares Wale option par click kar aur select community

I don’t use discord so I don’t know what happens there

Is it usa stocks ? If yes how can a Bharatwasi invest in foreign stocks like usa market ?

Aur hah XanXanIsDead72 when ?

deleted by creator

Karachi Hindus didn’t know what could had happen to them, same with noakhali , Kashmir and moplah. The only time we won was 1989 Bihar, 2002 Gujarat and Kolkata under leadership of gopal mukhopadhyay.

Jab khud ki, Parivar, Desh aur dharm ki jaan par baat ati hah toh “ally power” aur “kya meh goonda hoh?” nahi dekha jaata.

Be aware of your area, Label and map them.

Make actual impact now

Go out and get some community power.organize programs (well navratri is near) To gather Hindus like others do. Make weekly temple gatherings. Hindu need some street power. Also learn self defence and how to defend close once Is case of riots…

Just delete your internet records if your that pareshan. Waise reddit mein exit polls kab hone lage

What’s with the big nose ?

@Bhagwa_book2toGeneralhum ek hai

I had once made an observation on how every bhartiya script is related to each other

Mene kabhi bhi reddit account nahi banaya

Libcenter. Crosspost this pcm community, it’s dead and needs revival

I turn internet most of the day time . Only use it for this site. Planning to throw all my devices except old samsung phone

Don’t think anyone would do that

Image one…

Manusmrit on women

1- “Women must be honoured” (3.56) …

Origin of Maharatha bhagwa Flag

On 8th may 1758 , a battle between Maratha and Afghans took places in Peshawar. The Maharathas won the battle and captured peshawar. To celebrate this huge successful victory, They waved the bhagwa jhanda at the top of the Peshawar fort…

Self defence thread

Make a list of weapons we should have to be prepared for riots. We should start having weapon posts again…

Stop scrolling Time to check your mental health

We Hindus will do our best when our mental health is good. Tell us your problems and we will try to solve it…

How to dox people on the internet ?

How to dox reddit accounts, YouTube accounts and others ? कैसे करें…

Do you guys watch Tv news ?

And if yes , which is your favourite News anchor ?..

I am back and Holy shit

The site has gone to liberal and centrists stand. I used to be a lurker since beginning of the site and have watched it change. …