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You must have seen this, it’s quite famous

It’s a remake of quote. Life is a soup and I am fork.

Ha vo bat bhi Sahi hai

Ha Pata Ni aysa Kyu Hua, upload Kiya tha tab to dikh Rahi thi.

Noooo we can’t let yuan be the main currency of Brics, there should be something else not controlled by a single country… having yuan has central is would be more devastating compared to USD…

Uncle Roger ka credit score ab negative me Chala gaya…

Libbus are special kind of autistic children…

Soft Re education lol, just unke tribal culture ko Aur popularise karna Hai and help them to flourish it. Christianity Apne ap Kam hojayega vaha. North east Tribal culture also falls in native Indian culture.

I see what you did there

Oh yes jain as well… sare Apne native religion…

Prayers mai sirf Buddhist, Hindus Aur Sikhs hi hone chahiye bcz they all are native culture.

Secularism, no way… Hinduism is native religion and this is our culture and tradition… Why do we use other’s culture & tradition, just bcz of secularism… fuk this shit.

Looooooool quality meme Hai Bhai

Mai Aur Mera cousin jab family wale koi Kam bolte hai

Why do you want this job ? Me: well, Why shouldn't I want this job ?

Tho 2 beer Aur 1 rat Ke liye problem gayab hojati Hai, but that’s temporary fix.

Yehi problem Hai, don’t worry about solution… Teri jaysi capacity ho vayse acha Kar, result ki chinta mat Kar…

Oh Singh Paji koi Aur hi direction mai Chal rahhe hai

Those bastards

Bhai Mera to Sadam Aya looool

“Indian girls + anime art style” like/related hybrid prompts mere fav Hai