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I think by now atleast some users would have started to come from google search. If google picks up our site, then more and more users will likely come organically.

I agree with you. We shouldn’t be promoting suck dark things. Indirect memes are okay but if paired with real photograph it’s disturbing for sure.


Thanks for your detailed post analyzing it to core.

I have also found the same problem. There are many great users of this site who write well, logically and knows what is fun meme and what is crossing the line. The initial days were full of such people and content. But over time, the thing I predicted in that old comment happened and content quality deteriorated. I read that foreign analysis, and it is fully biased and a propaganda piece, even twisting what I said in my comment.

Anyways, as I got busy with the problems of life, I myself found it less and less interesting in visiting and browsing this site due to this. And I think it would have happened to many users like me.

Is there any solution to this problem? I have seen this happen over and over in many communities, and other than attracting lots of audience, or being ban/censor heavy, there doesn’t seem to a solution. But then, you need right people to mod it such that they are only removing bad content and not content that go against their views. That is also not easy.

There was a temporary issue with the server, but it has now been resolved.

Keep doing Bakchodi. We have also upgraded the server. It took some downtime unfortunately…

Will do soon. Got busy with somethings.

Due to some unexpected reasons Bakchodi was down yesterday. But it has been resolved now.

Due to security reasons, we can’t say exactly what happened. …

yea you can. Maybe also add the watermark if possible.

If we need to hire developers, permanent person for marketing etc, then around 40k to 70k rupees per month during the initial days to give them a sort of salary replacement in crypto.

If we just need to continue this site with no changes, improvement in security, redundancy etc, then around Rs 3k to 7k per month.

We can add Paytm and UPI, but then we will have to ban all controversial topics from the site just like all other social media sites do.

You see the problem? @Baku_Madarame_Usogui@bakchodi.org

The donation was about Rs750 in crypto and gave great renewed hopes as there were zero funds till the third day of starting the donation fund…

Sabe berozagaar hain kya sallo?..


Thats awesome. I have messaged you

Though it may change soon, with one committed user :)

Hehe, I meant couple of thousand rupees. Well, site is small right now, and we don’t have any secondary servers for redundancy or load balancers as of now. But, yea in the future with lot of users, costs can increase.

Yea. we currently have the link in sidebar as it was posted just two days ago. But yes, it will be added to header soon.

How much do you need per month to run the operations?

I can currently take care of the operational costs. That is not much of an issue. It is couple of thousand rupees per month. What we need funds for is to add features, hire people, increase redundancies to both server and site’s codebase, fix security bugs etc.

BTW, you can always use another 3rd party in Russia etc

Yea that is great idea. You find out more details on how other sites operate, and let me know.

Yea, that is part of the plan.

And great to know you were an OG users of those sites from early ages of Internet.

A couple of thousand per month will be enough to keep the server ongoing, and the basic things taken care of, assuming there is no drastic increase in traffic.

But, yes hiring people for development and marketing is where the real cost is. If enough people contribute, then we can make that happen.

Ads with Indian users and unfocused content pays one of the lowest. It is usually not worth it. Also, it means significantly less anonymity. Affiliate links will work much better. I am thinking in that direction for future. With the current size of userbase, it also won’t be significant. But lets see that in future.

I just checked zebpay’s fees.

I dont think they have option of withdrawing as Monero.

Your best option would be to convert to BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and send it to our BCH address.


Thank you for thinking of the future. We have plans to maybe change the name of the site to something more appealing. We will announce it beforehand, and if the majority of users like the new name, we will move ahead with it.

And then, we plan to develop more features. But for that, we either need funds to hire or need some really dedicated and talented volunteers. We are a bit too small right now to have a big enough pool of users to get such volunteers as of now. So, it will take time.

And yes, we are hoping good posts will start showing up in Google searches soon, and that will become a source for organic growth of users after around 6 months. Till then, there are several attempts to promote it on Reddit, Twitter and youtube comments.

Thanks for the thought of donating. Our donation link - https://bakchodi.org/post/4625

Donation to Bakchodi is now possible!

Many had asked for an option to contribute. And today we have added few crypto options. The funds will be used for the development and maintenance of Bakchodi. …

Suggest a better name for our platform incase you guys want to change it

The thing is, when I started this site, it was meant to be a “bakchodi only” site. Thus the name of the site was perfect for it. …

Expectations -

A temporary server issue happened today between 2PM to 5PM. It is resolved now.

There was an unexpected issue in the server, which caused the site to not function properly for approx 2 hours today. It has been resolved now. Hope no one had a heart attack in between…

And, we are in that whole page if you click the first suggestion. …

If you set the TYPE to ALL, then that would currently give a better experience as it will by default sort the homepage to ALL communities, rather than just the ones you subscribed. Since it is a small site, it will be more useful. …

Everyone is Welcome here in this platform irrespective of your ideologies.

We welcome all users of all ideologies to post their thoughts on all topics including politics and controversial topics. Our motto is to be respectful to everyone and we will be neutral in this aspect. We won’t ban you or censor you for your views. …

Our website will go offline for approx 10 minutes at 11:30 as part of scheduled maintenance.

Just upgrading the server, so shifting the files will take some time…

We just crossed 300 posts, 500 users and 1500 comments.

Just wanted to let you know. This has given us hope. …

Volunteer Developers needed for improving the Bakchodi.org platform.
  1. DevOps: We need someone who is good at Docker, Ansible and similar forms of deployment. And can set up a system where multiple developers can contribute code easily, cross verify the code and deploy it to a staging environment, and then I can finalize and move it to the production environmen…


What all subs should we have?

Here the main use of subs is to compartmentalize content so that if one person do not like politics, he can avoid it by unsubing from that sub. …