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the unemployed libchuts are invading every indian sub

r/odisha too was invaded by them few days ago

there was a post related to odisha there & brain dead libbus started to brigade and talk about complete non odia related things there

and this shit will intensify till 2024 general election happens

Show booba or get the hell out

yep same with WB

raitas conveniently ignore that WB has been under far left leaning govt for 60+ years so BJP getting 70+ seats on its own here is an accomplishment

but raitas will still hate us cuz bjp didn’t form a govt here

literally karnataka BJP didnt move a single cell when praveen nettaru was murdered

only 2 weeks before election they remembered hindutva

Bro literally these chutiyahs are saying karnataka will become another "west bengal" after bjp's defeat libbus hate gujarat & UP for voting bjp and just like them raitas hate WB, TN for electing non bjp parties ( they will start hating karnataka too) and their constant fucking doom mongering that hindus will be wiped out & shit after bjp loses a election ( yeah like bjp has done so much for hindus ) is just pathetic & infuriating then whats the difference btw raita wingers and libbrandus ??

my face when a racist white country attacks another racist white country

this aint nothing

momota didi and her party walas are so shit scared they r doin this to show themselves as heros of muslims

already ED , CBI & kolkata high court r doin cock & ball torture on them & TMC’s recent loss at muslim majority sagardighi has made momota lose her marbles

next election momota & her party will literally crash & go up in flames

chicha got that woman repellent hair cut


few weeks ago I saw a kangladeshi mulla coping in some youtube video’s comments that his breed is super intelligent cuz they are both bengalis & arabs and was taking credit for inventing algorithm

their cope & seethe is fucking hilarious

"If a moose cant protect itself from a bear then why does it have horns ?? "

  • gandhe ki gand

thats is what I said

kangladeshis and pakis just cant digest that “inferior” hindus defeated them multiple times

average androo testicular-torsion fan

lol this is nothing

majority bangladeshis think they got independence on their own and india was just a silent spectator

they even think they can defeat india in a conventional war

I guess this is their coping mechanism as they cant digest the fact that "inferior vegeterian " hindus saved their supposed " superior beef eating muzlim warrior " ass from getting pegged by pakis

lol post pics of gay sex there & edit the guy getting his ass railed as a bulla

and share those turkish gay sex pics too

I once did this in a facebook group of bullas & the amount of seething was phenomenal

she is doin what I was never able to do

yes bro now we should worship gods based on which gods has more facebook followers

fuck off please

if he didnt killed mahalodu gandu then fackistan & kangladesh would have been much much larger

well if u see the violence TMC unleashes during elections then u will get why she wins

this shit has been happening from cpm times, i can bet 50% of votes which mamata gets is purely out of terror

plus BJP central leadership really fucked with the state unit which was going pretty well, amit shah inducted all the goondas & thieves from tmc thinking they will win ( u know what happened )

even though with this shit show bjp got 2 crore votes & currently TMC reputation is down the gutter & it will get further demolished in the next coming years

in the next election bjp will win

kinda agree with the starting of the post

the “love from india”/ “proud of india” comments under videos of goras slightly appreciating india & the israel & russia simping comments are very fucking cringe

latter part is just fucking visual diarhea & vommit


" dont use any social media apart from reddit " bro just said he is an unemployed loser

mussolinitoGeneralye kab hua

mullas coping real hard

usually these muslim girls dont get any kind of attention from their family & r only seen as a baby & food dispenser & mulla men are undesirable fucks, thats why they choose hindu, sikh, tribal guys

bruh these guys need to go outside & touch grass

I hate bjpee but no fucking way imma going to vote for khoongreese or momota & the other corrupt retards to supposedly protect “duducracy”

“100 saal raaj kiya hai humne”

my brother in vishnu YOU didnt rule anyone my converted pajeet bro

You were the one getting ruled over & your mother getting… you know … by the actual ruler

Remember guys

be punjabi muslim

speaks urdu over his native punjabi language

they consider their own language as jahil as compared to urdu

follows sunni revivalist strains founded & named in towns of uttar pradesh

muhajirs ( migrant muslims from India ) trolled him into accepting their culture & language as national one

learns more about lakhnavi nawabs & hydrabadi nizams rather than baba farid

we wuz 100000 yeers indu masterz !@!! We rooled over gangoid binduz for 5000 yeers !!!1 We wuz torks & arapians & rajpoots & jaatz & shietz


She looks like one of my aunts but uglier

Bro why are u hyper fixating on lefturds’s propaganda & white men screeching about holi ?? they do this every year & they r doing it for decades did this solve the problem ??

will apologizing to the retarded white man or fighting with the chutiya leftist solve the issue ?? Look its a harsh reality some men do see hindu festivities as a chance for them to molest women

also tell me as a hindu dont u feel enraged that some unemployed chappri losers are taking advantage of our ancient & sacred festivals & harassing our sisters & mothers ?? dont you wanna beat these guys up publicly to make an example out of them ?? How dare these haramjadas insult our devi devtas by committing such heinous acts during a sacred occasion

by engaging with these retards we are actively ignoring the issue , we as a community should come together and find a permanent solution

making counter propaganda wont do shit

nobody is generalizing holi with molestation or rape dude , only chutiya basement dwellers & lefturds on reddit r doin it

also islam is generalized by the entire non muslim world as a terroristic religion but nobody says it outloud, only leftists & sickularists say islam is religion of piss that too even on social media

plus we just cant ignore the fact that some men do see hindu festivals as a chance for them to grope & harass hindu women

we shouldnt tolerate these below the bottom tharki men who cant keep it themselves & PLUS HOW DARE THESE HARAMIS DEFILE OUR HOLY FESTIVALS WITH THEIR HEINOUS ACTS

we should as a community come together and identify & isolate these hapless men & harass them for a temporary period by not letting them buy from local stores & not letting them enter any public area

“we iz wuz araps we bhel bhel”

2nd generation converted mulla : "we wuz araps & torkz we wel mak hendooj & jahoodis our slabes end and make endia izlamistan "

  • he writes this whilst 8 chinese guys are gang banging his begum in the background *


plus TMC is on a massive back foot

allegations of scams are being dropped on them left, right, center ,top, down & their deluded top leadership momota & her nephew are jerking off in north east

my face when

when my family was evicted out of their homeland bcuz of their religion & some bakchod says partition didn’t happen on the basis of religion

you can criticise those things which have worth

do you think these shit orgs have any kind of worth ???

its like shaming a prostitute or incel but they dont care, same with these mainstream media

Lol brahmastra had more hype than poothoon

A nation is royally fucked if its financial situation reads like a fauxy or the onion article

look the real problem is 2nd & 3rd converts

majority of them are fucking assholes & cant fucking keep their religion to themselves

I know mallu christians whose family were 6th or 7th generation convert, they were the chillest dudes I ever met.

they dont give a damn about religion & politics

I imagine a hell where these loras go to and 72 virgin demons with 20 inch thorny dicks anally brutalize these jahils

gufa nahi sink hole he uski

I made a post few days ago discussing how indian mullas say "hindu women want sleep to with mullas" to some how one up us. Apparently these haramis say the same shit about turkish women & as usual some terminally online turkish girls r saying shit like how paki men r cute etc but the turkish women in comments tho have something else to say P.S : this is the top & best comment 😂😂🤣🤣 "PAKISTANLI ERKEKLER İÇİN TÜRKİYEDE SADECE ÖLÜM VAR. CANINIZI SEVİYORSANIZ ÜLKENİZDE KALIN " translation :- "FOR PAKISTAN MEN, THERE IS ONLY DEATH IN TURKEY. IF YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE, STAY IN YOUR COUNTRY "

I think u guys have seen how black men in US & indian mulla men proclaim themselves as sex gods ? they show themselves as this supreme dominating sex havers with whom women from every other religion & race wants to sleep with ( which is obviously a massive fucking lie they made up ) both black men & indian mulla men make these fictional claims with no fucking evidence that they are better at sex than men from other religions & races But I have never seen black men from continental africa claim such BS, its only black men from USA say shit like how every white women loves BBC ( lies again ) indian mullas say same crap like this but arabian mullas never say this shit As u clearly know the indian mullas are basically hindus who converted bcuz of money or were forced to & these haramis dont have any kind of success in any field & made themselves restricted to ghettos same as the blacks in USA, who were imported slaves who still to this date haven't achieved anything as a community despite having so many opportunities but they ghettofied themselves and on the other hand us Hindus, White people, continental africans & chinese have significantly contributed to civilization like the greatest scientists, greastest discoverers, richest persons in the past & modern day are mostly white, hindu, chinese or arabian mullas So my question is are these losers pathetically trying to one up us by saying that they have this "mythical sex power" & trying to overcompensate for their failure as a community ?? like are they trying to say that whatever we have achieved doesnt matter cuz our women want to sleep with them cuz they r somehow superior at having sex ( again complete bullshit which they made up & have 0 evidence to show ) ?? plz write ur thoughts & opinions

Like up to a point it was funny but now it seems like we are genuinely hated there. I hate SOME bengalis too bcuz of their shitty superiority complex but not all of us are like that & special kind of vitriol is spewed against bengali women not all bengali women are loose like sanjukta basu is it bcuz we didnt vote for BJP in WB that we are getting hated ? remember we voted BJP as the principal opposition in a far left leaning state honestly its kind of depressing to watch this shit especially for me cuz both my grandmother's & grandfather's side of families suffered during the partition & calcutta riots cuz of their hindu identity and in the present some raita incel cock sucker is saying bullcrap about us bengali hindus

OMEGALUL look at this converted bangal monkey malding, coping & seething hard after the match
Also this harami is popular bcuz he once performed in an indian bengali show !!!!! These bangal converts are so fucking pathetic man (even more pathetic than pakis ), these guys ride our dicks for money & fame and spew venom towards afterwards 😂😂🤣🤣

Like seriously why do these particular converted fucks behave like chimpanzees ?? indonesians, malaysian, turks too r converted but they dont fucking go apeshit crazy in their countries or abroad Do they think doin this shit will prove to their arab daddies that they r such katar musalmans ?? the arabs already shit, piss & spit all over these neanderthals and make them toilet cleaners & call them cowards who converted bcuz of violence so what is the point ?

Samaj ka perverted, psychopath, violent, harami side is manifesting itself

This was under a post about an article basically trying very horribly to do gujarati vs marathi cuz foxconn chose gujarat to build their plant

![]( ![]( ![]( Paki chooslims trying really very hard to drive a wedge between hindus & sikhs pathetic

Chad gobhi ji saw this cuming & banned tik tok 😎😎😎😎

Why the fuck do we even need a hell/narak when these shitheads can simulate way worse versions of hell on the surface of this planet chimpanzees are more civilized than these "people"