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[Jackson Hinkle] Fun fact: Switzerland and Vatican City are only two countries with square flags. Nepal has a double-triangle flag…
>...All other countries have rectangle flags. I personally hate Nepal's https://twitter.com/jacksonhinklle/status/1588601384609669121

>Patience is for people who end up dying after finally accumulating $1 million dollars over their lifetime. The middle class has the wrong data. >For the first 25 years of my life I had the wrong information. >"Save your money". >Guess what, when you make 5K a month there's nothing to save! >Start challenging the things you've been taught and stop being so patient when it comes to your money and finances!

cross-posted from: https://bakchodi.org/post/13048. Originally posted by @Pogrz_ > Islam is one of the most pathetic diseases that have existed 2 billion Muslims and still nowhere in the fields of science and tech, these are the same people who cope about India and Hindus being inferior. Librandus who think amerimuttica is the protector of peace in this planet mock Hinduism in order to troll Hindu nationalists, giving themselves lame titles like sanghi slayer and chaddi destroyer. Lgbt is being widely popularized in India because of these retarded subhumans. Hindus in India keep on sleeping while every single day a Hindu dies. > > We hindus need to unite against faggotry, pisslam and librandus. lame modi rule is doing nothing and congress will be elected again after new Congress presidential election. IF ISLAM TAKES OVER INDIA WE WOULD BE LIKE SYRIA, IRAN AND REST OF THEM. if people really worried about india being destroyed in a few years we should had more extremist organizations to protect hinduism

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Thread to abuse पनीर
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Thread to abuse papita
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