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Please use this on any pic/ meme that you post here or on any other platform. …

Volunteer Developers needed for improving the platform.
  1. DevOps: We need someone who is good at Docker, Ansible and similar forms of deployment. And can set up a system where multiple developers can contribute code easily, cross verify the code and deploy it to a staging environment, and then I can finalize and move it to the production environmen…

Why don't we share info from this site as graphics and text on Twitter and Koo, with a link back to here?

There are many writeups and graphics (not memes) on this site that conveys valuable information. Why don’t we comment this on Twitter and Koo, and add a link back to Bakchodi? …

we need more active users on this site

shill this site on reddit, twitter, 9gag, facebook,instagram, 4chan, indiachan, all telegram groups & discord servers…

[Meta] Please subscribe to the Trending Communities in the sidebar!

“Trending” communities like news and life hacks only have 19 subscribers each. The website’s UI is bad, and my guess is mods are keeping it so that people subscribe to these communities and boost the visibility of the posts there. …

Those who read the posts but not comment, why?

Why are those of you lurking here not commenting or engaging with the content? Please be honest…

To promote this website, tell aspiring Youtubers to post their shit here

Advertise it on Koo. Or people with alts should themselves post it here and then go to the creator’s Twitter or YouTube and tell them you found it on bakchodi…

How to donate monero to this website anonymously ?

please provide complete guide …

Can Lemmy take this site down if they want?

Theoretically. Is it hosted independently?..

Has Bakchodi Org reached the point predicted by admin several months ago? When things get so extreme moderate users will react by deleting their accounts and not participating?

A foreign institute studying this site covered one of Admin’s comments on another website where he said the same. I believe that time has come. …

Forgot Password - Cannot reset 💀💀💀

So I forgot my password.
I don’t know how to get a password reset email. …

Add a reddit thingy to this website

Add something so that I can access reddit through this website only, inevitably I’ll be on this website more…



Discord mc mera account ban Karr rha barr barr

Isi karan varsh group bhi nhi bn apa rha aur join bhi nhi Karr para apne dusre groups…


Meta -Discuss our site

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