Update regarding Uploader

recreated all codes now i hope ab kisiko koi isse nahi hoga with videos …

Important announcement

Since the activity on site have increased a bit, we have started receiving reports, and noticing some genuine ones …

For everyone suffering with the interface of this site.

Saw a lot of people complaining about this site’s interface and problems related to opening it in browser everytime. …

Dhamma-The Community Etiquette of

Dhamma is a set of protocols, ethical guidelines and community etiquettes to enhance the quality of content on this site. Do no correlate this with Religion. But the literal meaning of the word.

Everyone is Welcome here in this platform irrespective of your ideologies.

We welcome all users of all ideologies to post their thoughts on all topics including politics and controversial topics. Our motto is to be respectful to everyone and we will be neutral in this aspect. We won’t ban you or censor you for your views. …

We just crossed 300 posts, 500 users and 1500 comments.

Just wanted to let you know. This has given us hope. …

A place for topics that do not fit in other communities.

Strictly no religion or politics based post in this community.

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