Any tech guy or anyone who knows IOT? **Need Help**

Do you guys watch Tv news ?
cross-posted from: And if yes , which is your favourite News anchor ?

How to dox people on the internet ?
How to dox reddit accounts, YouTube accounts and others ? कैसे करें

Your opinions on alleged attempts to break india in recent news
first of all sorry guys i was not online for like a year coaching ne tang kar diya tha . original account gum gaya hai toh yeh account hai banaya abhi .(ek alag se post banaunga iske liye bhi promise hai abh se active rahunga ) back to topic As you may all know recently in a certain non nato non eu country that belongs to europe has an embassy in india and there conspiracy to change govt in 2024 that is also being supported by a few american PIOs that flew to india from texas . what are your opinions on this do you not think this is high time that india has a cyber force ready to tackle such issues i also want to know the general sentiment

Does anyone have Unadulterated Hindi Posts? (by johnkarter767612 or shuddhahindi)
I need: 47 100 126 135 151 Thanks. 🙏

How many linux users do we have here?
Asking out of sheer curiousity

What solution would you suggest to a teacher to fix the situation where a girl is socially boycotted in her class.
tldr: just answer the title I suppose. Age of children was 4-6 years. Context(english is not my first language):- So this happened a while ago when I was 4-6 years old. It was a big private school. I can't exactly remember the exact age but 100% can say that I and everyone else in my class was in this range of age at the time. There was this girl in my class who for some reason was treated as an "untouchable". Now, I never found out how it started, I was always a child who generally lacked awareness of his surroundings so maybe thats the reason I don't know. Kids talking terrible stuff about her was an everyday thing. If someone had a conversation with her then rest of the kids started avoiding that kid for a while as well. But the most cruelest part was that she was treated as an infinite reservoir of some kind of "impurity" or "infection". If a kid, even by accident, touched the girl, then he/she was considered "infected" as well, and everyone used to start maintaining physical distance from that kid. The infection had to be "transferred" to another kid by touching him/her, so after that the next kid will transfer it on to someone else. As you can imagine, it used to become a game of tag. It was, in a messed up way, one of the common pastimes to spend the lunchtime for our class(lunchtime had to spent in classroom for kids our age). The poor girl endured such cruel treatment almost the entire year(classes used to get shuffled every year in that school). Now, why am I asking about this even though I am already done with school? This entire phenomena had a very deep impact on me. For some reason I have always been someone who analyses everything he finds interesting in the slightest, be it math, science, history or people. People back then didn't interest me much but behaviour which my brain interpreted as "unusual" sure did. The very first concept I thought of back then is how even though if something is not true, it will still be treated as truth if there is societal pressure to accept it as truth. I thought how everyone deep down knew that the practice is completely baseless. But it was still practiced because some enjoyed it and the rest did it because they themselves did not want to be boycotted. This thought made me feel "helplessness" against this "senselessness". But even more surprising to me was that even though the teachers knew about this, they didn't really do anything to fix it. I remember quite vividly thinking in the class one day "Ah!! So that's how the adults in the real world are. They will ignore the problem if they don't really have to fix it. Doesn't matter much if she suffers huh...". I personally was a kid with good grades and with many talents(sports and music), so I was well respected by teachers, friends, relatives etc. Many of my disciplinary mistakes in school used to be forgiven because of my reputation. I enjoyed that very much, but back in my analysis part of brain which is for some reason is constantly trying to make a "working paradigm" of the world, I also thought how values matter less than success. I became cynical about society and leaders. Thinking that values are just lip service, success is what the world truly cares about. This became my subconscious belief since a very young age(since the age of 4-6). Which later emerged as firm belief in power and wealth. I later started considering knowledge as most satisfying and contending(that was a completely different journey btw) than power and money but even then my cynicism towards society in general remained. But later in my life I actually met people who followed higher values to the fullest and saw how they are so happy and contended. I too have started to now value virtues like gratefulness, compassion, humility, honesty, integrity etc in life and now wont give them up for any amount of money. I now firmly believe that it should have been top priority of a teacher to fix that. But I still wonder about how if I was the teacher, I could have fixed the issue mentioned above. What would you have done?

Prometheus ki story is quite tragic but really interesting

What is this site/platform all about?
cross-posted from: > What according to you guys is the purpose of this website? Why are you guys here? Is there an officially stated purpose for this website? Is this just another Reddit (afterall its a Lemmy instance) but with a rightwards lean? > > Do people here share ideas or factoids with the hope of furthering some ideology or an agenda say for example trying to further the Indian Civilization along Dharmic/Vedic lines? Or is this all just some kind of infotainment? > > If any of these questions have already been answered please share the link to the resource. Thanks a lot.

Do you think Indian govt will deploy military in time to avoid the impending civil war or will they be late as they have been on various matters recently?
cross-posted from: > Modi stopped Hindu reaction prematurely in 2002 after a long reign of Islamic terror in Gujarat terminated with Islamists burning Hindu women and children after locking them in a train coach in Godhra. He is putting more and more Muslim officers in the local govt. and is constantly silent on 'Sar tan se juda' blasphemy murders of Hindus by Islamists. > > Moreover, the investigation agencies are more focused on digging Pakistan connection to the Islamists than revealing the truth of Islamic separatism, Islamic superiority, and deep-rooted belief in two-nation theory among Muslims living in India. > > Judiciary has gone rogue and govt. is not ready to reign it in. > > So, what do you think? > - Govt. will deploy army and agencies against the believers of two-nation theory and Islamists, and will stop civil-war. > - Govt. will follow Gandhi and deploy military only after the next Direct Action day / Moplah has happened and will focus on stopping Hindu reaction. > - Govt will allow limited Hindu reaction like Modi did in 2002. > - Govt will allow the action of Islamists and then act against them because BJP is a latecomer and not a Gandhian. > - Civil War won't happen. You're fearmongering.

I am not trying to subscribe to Communism or anything but I honestly want to know what his vision was for the "actual" Hindu Left but I am unable to get access to any written works of his. Can someone help me find them?

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